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Thread: Abena M4 Plastic-backed with an Abri-Let Maxi insert!

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    Default Abena M4 Plastic-backed with an Abri-Let Maxi insert!

    So I got my case in a week ago, 42 Abena M4 plastic backed diapers and a 40 pack of Abri-Let maxi stuffers. My question is: how do i put in the inserts? I have just been putting them inside the leak barriers but whenever I put the diaper on they tend to shift or get a bit clumped up.... Any better way to do it???

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    You COULD rip open the diaper and stuff the stuffer inside the actual diaper, but that's a bit extra work. Very much solves the shifting pad problem and the potential problem of the extra padding causing it to leak over the leakguards; I've found that actually stuffing it inside the diaper can prevent this and make the padding feel thicker somewhat

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    I've never really been a fan of the Abri-Lets.

    The con's don't seem to outwiegh ht pro's.

    I find them to be:
    Not very absorbent.
    Preventative at the crotch of the diaper forming properly.

    I say ditch them, and run the M4 straight up. Why mess with something that is great already.

    If you do want to use them, then I would suggest cutting the backing at the back of the diaper and gently installing the booster inside the diaper like EDnDM suggested. It is tedious, but will be much more comfortable.

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