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    Hello everyone I'm Kenshi (NOT KENSHIN). I'm a 15 year old TB. I don't know when I started liking diapers but I know when I knew I liked diapers and wanting to be a TB. When I turned 12, my mom got me a PSP for my birthday and one of the games I got was Tony Hawks Underground 2, and one of the items I could customize my charater with was diapers. I was curious about this and looked teen diapers on the internet and found many websites about teen babies. When I saw these websites I felt like a part of something that was missing was filled in, and I knew that I was a TB. Ever since I've been trying to find the courage to tell my mom I want to wear diapers. I know that telling my mom is the only way that I will be able to get into diapers because I'm too scared to buy my own. The only thing I ever found the courage to buy was a set of 2 pacifiers (broke one of them during the summer).

    I hope I can be a contributing member of this forum.
    Have a great day

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    Why hello there and welcome to ADISC i hope to see you around and posting.. don't worry we dont bite!!!

    anyways dont tell your mom unless you really feel that you should we have plenty of articles here on how to get diapers and plenty of people here with personal experience who im sure would give you advice and help you out!

    anyways welcome and have fun ^_^

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    Hiyas and welcome to the forums Kenshi. Its good to see another member, and like Cubby said we don't bite... well I pounce but that's about it. So you got a PSP huh? You should look up PSP Custom firmwares. You'll be in for a treat, and if you don't understand something, feel free to ask me Also if you'd like to learn more about tb/dl, I suggest going to Wiki, or searching on the site. Theirs lots of great information about it including how to tell people. Well welcome again to the forums and I hope you make plenty of new friends. Cyas around...


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    I bites! but i don't have teeth...
    Welcome to the site, Mingle, the irc is a good place to talk about pressing matters, and to meet the more active members.

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    Hi and welcome to ADISC. Glad to see yet another another Canadian (and from the West, even better!). Yes, honestly, thank God for the internet! I'm sure very few of us would know about infantilism without it and we certainly wouldn't be connected to hundreds of others in forums such as this. I hope you like it here.

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    Welcome to ADISC. Just don't feel shy to say anything

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    Welcome! I hope you think long and hard about saying anything to your mom about your TB-love of diapers. Listen to what we say here about the matter, refer to topics where others have questioned the idea of saying anything to parents or others.

    Good luck on making any decision about sharing.

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    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I already feel right at home here.

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