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Thread: Having Trouble With Side Leakage

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    My briefs when put on they leak on the sides when laying on the side. What causes this, and what can be done to improve the issue. Please let me know
    thank you.

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    Sadly, this is just one of the flaws disposables diapers have. There just isn't any padding on the sides, so there's nothing to absorb.

    About the only remedy is to wear a pair of plastic pants over the diaper. They can at least help keep things a bit more contained. Alternatively, have you considered cloth? Cloth diapers have material on the sides and therefore are far less likely to leak out the sides.

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    I always use cloth diapers at night for that reason and with cloth you can make them as thick as you need them.If I travel I use Abena or Dry 24/7 with
    a terrycloth lined plastic pants

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    Side leaking... One of the biggest disadvantages of the stupid new "breathable" wings on cloth backed diapers...

    Ranting aside, I find most diapers don't really take side-sleepers into consideration...

    Because everyone's body shape is different, my advice may not be 100% accurate for you, but it should help.

    First, and I find most importantly, find a diaper with tapes that are spread far apart. Abena, Dry24/7, and Molicare are perfect examples. Close tapes don't work in this situation, and probably make it worse. I strongly recommend going with plastic backing in this situation, also.

    Secondly, you want to always get the best possible fit. Take your diapers out of the pack and put them in a drawer so they loosen up a bit. When you are ready to change, put the diaper out on your bed spread apart, back sheet facing up. What you want to do, is gently pull or work out the folds to get it as flat as possible. Then roll the crotch of the diaper gently so it will conform to your body better.

    Thirdly, You want to get a really tight fit.
    When applying the diaper, make sure you are perfectly centered on it.
    Before applying the tapes, make sure the rear wings are even on the front of the diaper.
    Make sure the bottom of the rear wing is as tight to your legs as possible. (this will dictate where the bottom tape lands. So, if you are used to putting them in one spot, just try letting the tape land where it wants, and see if that helps.)
    With the bottom tapes applied only, pull the front and back up, until you have a very snug fit around your... privates... It can be helpful to move your legs as you pull up on the front. This will cause the leg gatherers to fall into place perfectly. Then, run your hand along the bottom and make sure there is no slack in the diaper anywhere.
    Apply the top tapes making sure the top of the diaper is pulled tight to prevent leaks out the top. It can be helpful to, once again, do a mock up before applying the tapes, just so you know where everything wants to go.
    Before applying the top tapes, leaning forward slightly will help tighten the fit in the front. When you lay flat, more of the diaper will be in contact with your body.

    Fourthly, buy bed mats, and put 2 of them UNDER your mattress sheet.
    This has saved my mattress so many times. You should still put bed mats on top of your sheet, this is just a 3rd precaution.
    Make sure to position bed mats higher up, because you are more likely to leak from the top of the diaper at night.

    Those tips should help keep you drier at night. I am a side-sleeper, and a night wetter, too, but I rarely have problems using those techniques. The idea behind it, is to keep more of the diaper in contact with your body, giving moisture less chance to make it too far. Also, if it does, the taping technique tends to channel the moisture around the wings to the rear padding. I've woken up some mornings with one whole side of the rear padding soaked, and the other completely dry

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