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Thread: Favorite Baby Wipes

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    Default Favorite Baby Wipes

    What are everyone's favorite brand/type of baby wipes? In terms of the right baby scent and/or the best one for cleaning up messes down there. When going to a store, the choices are over whelming.

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    My favorite used to be Pampers Swipers, because they were so thick and durable, and I liked the scent.
    Unfortunately, it appears they have discontinued those.

    I basically like to stick to the thickest wipes, especially if I'm planning on messing at all. It just makes it so much quicker and easier to clean up, which is why I miss Swipers. The last one I got were the Sensitive ThickCare, but they seem kind of flimsy in comparison, like they can be easily pulled apart (though they haven't done that on me yet). I may even switch brands, but Pampers have generally been what I go for. I know there are a ton of options out there, even though my favorite is gone.

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    My favorite brand is actually Kroger store brand. They have a wonderful scent and are thick with the just the right amount of wetness (not too wet, not too dry), but I dont know if they have those where you live. The Pampers Thick Care are also good amount of wetness and thickness, though I still think the Kroger's smells better. I love the scent of Pampers diapers though!

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    The Huggies Natural Care are my choice. Simply put, they work and they are available.

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    I get through quite a lot of wipes so I go for value over anything else; I find Superdrug's own brand to be a good balance between price and quality.

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    I like huggies brand, but some times they have a better smell than other times. I like them because of the teddy bears that are on them. I also like that they have cars and phineas and ferb packages avaliable. Did they ever have a blue camo wipes package to go with the camo baby diapers and goodnites last year?

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    I lkie the Huggies brand too as they are thick and don't tear easily.

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    Pampers thick wipes are the best I do wish I could find them in the original pampers scent though. Too be honest all I've ever found was unscented or chamomile. Years ago pampers used to make big wipes and they were fantastic. Sadly, they don't make them anymore.

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