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Thread: Remembering the 90's

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    Default Remembering the 90's

    I have thought of making a post about a great era that I will never forget and actually would take a time machine (if possible) back in time. I was born in 1990 so I want to recall some good memories.

    TV Shows:
    Space ghost coast to coast: I loved this show. I liked the guy that was behind the scenes messing with the controls and the grasshopper. I also love the theme song to this show.
    Beavis and butthead: Great show (still is). Yet Beavis and Butthead were idiots they were funny.
    Pokemon: Of course a good show, card game, and video game.
    Digimon: Love the series (except for the current 6th season).
    Nickelodeon: Many cartoons were good from Nick in the 90’s (better than today's stuff). Angry Beavers, Hey Arnold, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats there are so many to list…
    Cartoon Network: I liked Nickelodeon better but there was a few I liked from this network. Dexters Lab, Ed, Ed, and Eddie, Space ghost coast to coast, to name the ones I know.
    Jetix had good cartoons of course it also introduced me to Digimon. TMNT was also good and the power rangers.

    Other stuff:
    Different colored catsup – whatever happened to this stuff?
    Candy cigarettes that blew fake smoke .
    Gas prices being low – a big one
    Music during this era was also good. I like the boy bands from this era
    WWF, Raw is War, WCW, NWO,

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    How could you forget the show that i think has had more spinoffs than any other show.... EVER

    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!

    Oh... and the GOOD Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    I had action figures of both. Great shows and great toys...

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    And let us not forget Al Gore inventing the Internet in the 90's! Even if it wasn't him, that's when we got the Internet, and when I discovered I was not alone in this interest! Yes, a great decade!

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    I really don't under stand people who want to go back to X decade. They often claim media was so much better but that's what I like about now. Sure there's plenty of crap on tv but we have never had a better choice of entertainment and ways to enjoy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyWorld08 View Post
    And let us not forget Al Gore inventing the Internet in the 90's! Even if it wasn't him,
    It wasn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by MyWorld08 View Post
    that's when we got the Internet,
    If by "got" and "Internet" you mean, "wide adoption of a graphical interface to the World Wide Web," sure. If this isn't what you mean, that's wrong, as the Internet was freely available for years (e.g. WAIS, Veronica, Archie, FTP, etc.).

    Quote Originally Posted by MyWorld08 View Post
    and when I discovered I was not alone in this interest!
    I think a lot of us went through this at that time.

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    I miss alot of those shoes, even Doug, especially in high school it was harder to find when that show was one.
    Cubix and foxkids was one of the channels I frequented. Then... foxtel got rid of foxkids and replaced it with foxclassics. >> Evil people.
    Thats how I got into digimon too. Good memories. Though now with the newer and better graphics its hard to watch old episodes without thinking at the very least teh graphics where better in your memories.
    xD I still want to get everything on dvd.

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    Guys, there is a place where this still all exists.

    :P However, in all seriousness!

    Nick shows were my thing. Sister Sister, Keenan and Kel, Fresh prince :3 I still love those shows!

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    The Dance genre of music in the 90's... <3

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    Music was better during the 90's, but I was mostly listening to Modern Rock music on the radio and listening to alot of cassettes.

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    Lift Off
    This was my early childhood right here. It was made based off the ideas of a child psychologist and aimed at 3 - 8 year olds. It followed a live-action cast of a group of children facing the kinds of problems you expect children to face with their family and at school and with friends. It also had short animations, segments with puppets, and documentaries. But the real color to it was all the puppets and magical elements. They had a magical living faceless ragdoll that they shared. And the elevator in their apartment complex had AI and could travel anywhere. And their backpacks talked to each other behind their backs. There was also some plant with an eyeball, some frill necked lizard that spied on humans and played videos about humans to other frilled neck lizards. And it had Mr. Fish~ The bossy NO FUN guy who sat in the foyer of the apartment complex to enforce rules (played by Mark Mitchell, who also played all the other nasty adult roles).
    There was also a spin off kiddie gameshow based off it. That was kinda cool too.
    Lift-Off opening and credits - YouTube

    Round the Twist
    The first season might of been 1989, but it continued into the 90s and obviously got repeats in the 90s. It was initially based of short stories written by Paul Jennings, but then went on to make up it's own content (which wasn't necessarily as good). A single father and his three kids move into a new town, living in the lighthouse (that the mayor wants to get hold of and sell or whatever) and each episode is about some kind of weird/freaky thing that happens to one or all of them. You know the kinds of things to expect from shows like this, gross or embarrassing stuff featuring ghosts or curses or fantasy science. It was just a great show. Besides, the theme song is awesome~~ But it is kind of funny a lot of the actors changed between seasons
    Round The Twist Intro - 1989 - YouTube

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