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Thread: Partial Fur Suit

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    Default Partial Fur Suit

    So for Halloween im going as my cub self as a suggestion of my friends who cal me Cubby cause they think it would be cute but anyways im ordering a hat off of but i still need some paws and i cant wait to risk them getting her in time

    so i was hoping i could make some like white obviously..

    any suggestions? also as well as any suggestions to add to my costume like i think since i have access to stage make- up i might give myself a black nose ^^

    p.s. im hopefully getting these as well

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    Do you have a Halloween store near you? I know of some that have been getting more popular around here, and maybe they are over there too

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    ehh i have ye tot gone to a Halloween store but searching on Ebay i found these
    im assuming those are what id find in store...

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    Maybe...Stores that specialize in Halloween things tend to have more (and sometimes better) things than what you would find in like Wal-Mart or something

    I'm not sure how far you are from Austen, but searching "Texas halloween stores" in Google, this came up that might help you

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    those are cute!!!

    I had bearclaw slippers when I was little, I think I got them for about my 8th Christmas.. I loved 'em!! I think I've seen them at Walmart sometimes since then.

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    They're cute =P

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    Its times like that that i wish Australia was really big on Halloween. First up i need to actually get my suit then go to the fancy dress day at work where we all dress up.

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