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Thread: What's Your Favorite Diaper Changing App?

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    Default What's Your Favorite Diaper Changing App?

    After deciding to try wearing diapers to bed from now on, I was curious and typed diapers into my old iPad's app store search. Turns out there are apps to note diaper changes and to gives notes about what happened and whether wet/dry and the time. Obviously you shouldn't install this if others access your device, but I find it handy seeing my progress and guessing when I might need to buy a new pack of diapers based on usage. The one I am using right now is BB Diapers, but its fairly limited in its functionality and exporting, plus my iPad is on its way out (was repaired, but not 100% functional, has phantom finger presses). I am looking for a decent android based one. Right now I am thinking about getting baby connect, but its like 5 dollars for each smart phone device (its cross platform). Anyway, I was just wondering if others used such apps and what were their favorite, and to let others know such cool things exist.

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    That's pretty interesting.

    I didn't know any apps like this existed, for me this app seems like a pointless program. Not only would I never use it, but I don't see it's use for me personally. I can keep track of how many diapers I have left easily in my mind, in fact I know I have exactly 40 + 10, so I'm safe for a while longer.

    I also don't feel like I ever need a catalog of when I was wearing, and how the diaper was used. Once again, I just don't see the use of this for AB/DL's so much. I suppose if you like keeping super organized maybe this utility will be great for you!

    This app is more set towards parents, since in this case it's actually a good app. You can keep track of your child's diaper use, which can help you realize drastic changes in their digestive system, etc. Which can be signs of illness. Which also of course, allows you to look at it when you are out in the city, and say "oh no, we are low on diapers, I will have to pick some up."

    Anyways, I'm sure that many users will be glad you have pointed this out! It does seem like it could be a useful app.

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    I have think about this allot of time. Should be fun to track how many diaper you use over time. But what is the best app?

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