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Thread: fussy baby needing a pacifier but where to get it.

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    Default fussy baby needing a pacifier but where to get it.

    So anyone know of where to get a adult pacifier safety and for a good price.

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    May I recommend FREE – JULY PROMO: WEBSITE PURCHASE OVER $150 GETS a FREE TEAT 5 (NUK5) – Orthodontic teat bottle upgrade on bundles plus 20% off FOR JULY 2012 – AB UNIVERSE GIFT FOR EVERY ORDER IN JULY 2012! However if you prefer to use paypal I would recommend Mommys Baby Pants. She is a seller off of ebay NUK 5 Baby Pacifier/Dummy/Soother Adult Sized | eBay 18 bucks is not bad for a NUK 5 (The adult version of a NUK for bigger mouths. You can always look in stores but be aware that pacifiers have small nipples if you get one from the baby aisle of a supermarket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    any idea how it shows up on a bank statment.
    It's very discreet and it will not even show up as them... it shows up as something else... I can't remember but it is discreet even for the bill. I got my paci from them and it was discreet.

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    Fetware has plain Nuk 5's for like 17-19 dollars with shipping. It's the cheapest I could find when I needed a new one a short while ago. With proper care, they'll last over a year.

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