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Thread: buying stuff at store ??

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    Question buying stuff at store ??

    well this is one of my first post
    well i was at this Lil store buying a paci and bottle
    when the cash register guy was giving me a weird look it kinda make
    feel super awkward the way he was looking at me anyway has this happened to you guys ???

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    A couple of times when I first bought stuff like that. Made me so ultra nervous inside.
    Tho maybe he thought you were too young to be having a kid if he thought it was for a actual baby?

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    well i do look like younger than i should be so i guess he probly would have thought that since he looked pretty young as well

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    not all people who vbuy baby stuff are dl/ab's or parents though. If ever questioned or looked at funny I would just say it's for some ___ family member's kid who's turning 2.

    Though, they'll forget about it soon.

    Just don't go out buying rope, adult diapers, ky jelly, baby lotion, a pacifier, wipes, powder and duct tape all in one store.

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    I find it very uncomfortable. Like all eyes are on me judging, but fire2box is right. the memory fades away from their mind.

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    It is always soemthing I try to avoid. Seeing as my job is closely linked to my reputation and many people around town know me, buying stuff in stores has always puts me on edge.

    Specifically diapers. Anything else doesn't, since bottles, pacis, etc are easily dismisable.

    But, like they said in general most people forget about it by the time they are to the store's doors.

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    Unless you look nervous I don't see why you would get weird looks. You are old enough to have kids.

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    Hi when shopping in-store you just need to keep your nerve and if asked say you're buying for a neighbour or relative although a question that comes up a lot when buying plastic pants and disposable nappies at my local mobility store is are you vat exempt which a person with a disability is entitled in the UK so I just say we pay full price and that's fine, one time I was asked if incontinence was a long term illness or short term but this wsi only once,it's now not a problem because I now find the assistants very friendly and ask no questions as I shop regularly I hope you find this useful and enjoy your shopping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    Unless you look nervous I don't see why you would get weird looks. You are old enough to have kids.
    I think he would be getting looks because they would be thinking, "damn he has kids already" hehe

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    Probably not thinking what you're thinking they're thinking. (If that made any sense... :P)

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