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Thread: Hooray!! (just celebrating a bit)

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    Default Hooray!! (just celebrating a bit)

    My girlfriend and I made an agreement (my own idea) that I would not buy new diapers until I could fit into the mediums of my choice. I have some picked out - I just dont remember what they are off the top of my head. Anyway, until then, I'm stuck in Max Depends. Honestly they do me fine, but I'm excited to upgrade. My long winded post comes down to the fact that I've lost my first ten lbs - so I got to diaper and binky up today, cuddle up with her and my teddy and take a morning nap. Pretty epic incentives in my books. Can't wait to see my treat for 20 lbs


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    Congrats on your achievement you are that much closer to better diapers!

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    Yes, well done! When you have something to reach for, it makes slogging through the journey much more bearable.

    As for the cuter padding, I agree. I dropped 65 pounds last year and love how that part of my world opened up a bit. A few more options...

    Now for the challenge of keeping it off... ^^

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    Thanks you guys! Of course, the most important reason for me is health. But cuter, more reliable (and fillable lol) diapers, on top of cuter clothes AND maybe making weight to go Army are also my big incentives! <3

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    Believe it or not losing the weight is the easy part it's keeping it off that's hard.
    I've lost close to 50-60 lbs but do to life, stress, working, school I've put 20 of it back on
    But you are definitely off to a great start!

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