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Thread: Who's having a diapered 4th?

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    Default Who's having a diapered 4th?

    Ok everybody since today is the 4th of July and in America at least it's all about freedom, who's going to be diapered all day? What kind and what are you gonna be doing today for the 4th?

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    Since I wear 24/7 by choice, I do think I will be diapered all day

    There's clearly nothing that should be worn other than a plastic M4 :P

    We should be getting the boat in the water to see the fireworks getting shot off all around the lake... That is if my buddy EVER gets his behind in gear...

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    I guess I should include mine too. I'm 24/7 as well. I'll probably be in tena ultras when I don't have my swimsuit on. I'll be spending the day with my family and lovely g/f at my parents in their pool, going to hang out, have a few cold ones and launch some fireworks I love the 4th

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    I am!

    Granted, I'm Canadian, and don't celebrate July 4th. But I've got an empty house today, so may as well take advantage, right?

    (No, sadly, I didn't get padded up for Canada Day).

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    I'm 24/7 anyway, but we don't celebrate July 4th here either. It would be silly, celebrating a war we lost. ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    I'm 24/7 anyway, but we don't celebrate July 4th here either. It would be silly, celebrating a war we lost. ;-)
    Think about it another way - We can celebrate getting rid of those revolting colonials ("The colonials are revolting!")


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    It's too hot for me :\ My parent's refuse to turn the AC down any further, and I sweat in my room in just my shorts, so no, I won't be wearing anytime soon

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    I am wearing a Wellness Brief at my husband's parents friend's house. I wore a cloth diaper this morning and then got changed into this one before we left. I don't know if we be staying to see the fireworks or not because my husband is in so much pain.

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    I woke up in an M-4 at 9AM and put one on again at 8PM does that count?

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    Wore a grownup-size pullup all day. I had to work for a while, though; even though I was wearing, I used the potty, 'cause it's hard to change a pullup away from home. When I got home though I went potty in my pullup the rest of the day.

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