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    That's basically it,

    I don't know how to define it, I just do. I can't understand my inability to accomplish anything lately; when I do reach a high point, I usually topple back down by the end of the day.

    So, recently I got another shot at my engineering degree, Yes! But, a little back story, I messed up at that majorly. I'd use harsher language, but I feel as though foul language makes one come off as dense. So after the first screw up, I was forced to take a year out of college. I couldn't find work, except for a scattered odd job. Tension with my parents had been mounting. Then, my year was up, I had my second chance; a rare occurrence in college. I screwed up again. The thing that stings the most is I know I am smart enough to be an engineer, I know I can complete the program. But I just keep screwing up... I don't know why; this leads to a lot of tension between my parents and I.

    My parents plan to retire in three years. So, that's pretty good for them. Not so good for me. They tell me I have three years to get my shit together and get a degree, after that, I'm cut off. Seems like plenty of time to do something with my life, but with this bad screw up I just feel like I can't really do anything anymore.

    All of this has lead to me being pretty confused and unsure of what to do. I don't know where to go next. I've talked to people about it and nobody seems to be able to offer me anything that really fixes the situation. I can't talk to mom, she thinks I messed up the course due to lack of study etc. I can't talk to dad as it seems as though he has lost a lot of interest in the things I have to say.

    So, that is the main part of my problem, but these events have lead to another underlying problem. I just feel like I'm being pushed on a conveyor belt through life. Things keep happening and I don't really feel like I have the motivation to do anything. I haven't felt motivated in a while now. I can't think of anything to really motivate myself with. I used to study for my exams for 8 hours or more a day, but it doesn't stick unless you're really motivated to learn. I honestly don't know what to do about that, I'm just so pessimistic. I see all of the people around me accomplishing so much, why isn't that happening for me?


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    Do you have anxiety or low mood on a regular basis? If so, I suggest you see a doctor. They will be able to provide more help with such things than people on this forum can.

    That aside, ask yourself what you want from life, then set out to achieve it. Don't question whether it's the best possible thing to aim for; it's the journey that's important. Then work hard doing what you have to do to achieve your goal.

    Really there is no greater meaning to life than doing what you set out to achieve, and being satisfied in that.

    No one of us can tell you what you should set out to achieve. That's for you to decide. Surely you have some ambitions?

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    I know this feeling all too well. My first two years of university, I got nothing done. I'd literally be sitting there the day a project was due, not having done a thing, and not even be able to get up the motivation to write something down. It was horrible.

    When this happens, it can be a sign that something else is out of whack. In my case, I wasn't sleeping or eating right, and not getting enough social interaction. Are you taking care of the basic needs? They can screw everything else up pretty seriously.

    I also had to work out some major self-esteem issues, which required some help from a pastor and some much wiser friends. Personal problems have a way of cropping up elsewhere. If something's troubling you, consider talking to someone about it (even just a friend or roommate).

    When you've got no motivation, usually it's not just school. Sometimes you just have to adjust something else; other times it's a sign of something more serious. For now, work on the little things and see if they help. And I'm here if you need to talk about stuff.

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    I have this same problem. Right at this very moment in fact. I coasted thru the first 20 years of my life and acomplished nothing, even though I know I could do more, and have been given more chances then anyone I know has gotten. I've managed to screw them all up for myself, either thru lack of motivation, or other reasons, not all of them that I have been able to figure out. I've run out of free chances. I was told one single piece of advise more then any other. Try. Its hard to know exactly what that means untill you actually stick with something for months and months, no matter what happens to you, or what you do that hinders the process. Just to keep pressing forward with all the effort you can, even to push more then you thought you could. I've been stuck at the same job in my manufacturing plant for over 2 years. It's been far from easy, and I've been far from perfect. But I've sometimes surprised myself at how much effort I can really muster up. Now I'm on good terms with the Engineering Director, and am looking at the possability of a tool-and-die apprenticeship. I never would have dreamed at having that chance even just a short time ago. And I know that this time, I'm the one that made it happen.

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