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Thread: Best Affordable Plastic Pants?

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    Default Best Affordable Plastic Pants?

    I am about to be going to do a decent amount of ordering to build up my stash and am looking for an affordable, but quality plastic pant to cover disposable diapers. I am currently looking at three different online places/products:

    tom Y's store on
    FetWare Plastic Pants
    Baby Pants Plastic Pants For Adults

    Anyone ever order from these suppliers or have other recommendations?


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    Honestly, I allways liked prices are not insane, delivery is pretty quick, and the product is pretty good.

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    I ve bought a lot of fetwares ,never had a problem with them ,they last long ,endure repeated washing well and shipping is fast . Just hate the locking ones

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    I really have to say that the "Gerber White" (made from PEVA not PVC) from Baby-Pants is well made. It's far more durable than all of the plastic pants that I've tried. They've outlasted the plastic pants from fetware and

    It seems the ones I've tried from these companies have ripped at the seams on the sides of the plastic pants. I've only wore them a few times and I know I've gotten the right size because the plastic has plenty of slack.

    I've put the baby-pants ones to the test and they are pretty strong and last long. Also they are VERY CRINKLY! If you like crinkly you'll love these. They crinkle under clothes as well, so if you like to dress up and wear and hear a crinkle these are great. I really love them and they are amazingly priced.

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    Default they make and sell their own plastic pants.

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    I use Leakmaster from I think mine were USD $14 or so. I also wear plastic pants over my disposables, and they have worked very well for me.

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    Default sells Leakmaster plastic pants, which I find to be a great buy for the money. They're available in a range of colors, they fit a wide range of people, and they're durable.

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    I got They were really good, but plastic pants doesn't last forever. In 3-4 months they will get a hole in them.

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