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    Hey folks,

    my name is **** (just imagine) and I'm from Germany. At the Moment I'm studying at a university. After my graduation I will be further educated as upper secondary level school teacher.

    Since my early Kindergarten-times I've been interested in diapers. I'm always attracted by their design, their technological development and the procedure of changing them. Sometimes I wear adult diapers, but not often and not for long. I do not wet or mess them and I've no objections to do so.

    In my freetime I carry out my interest for aviation and plastic modeling. Further, I love to travel and to go for scuba diving. Another of my most-appreciated freetime activities is to go out with friends and have a drink or go clubbing.

    I decided to join ADISC to chat with some people who have the same or similar interests and to get some new perspectives on the things. Would probably good to recognize that I'm not alone with the topic. Of course, first I will read more than contribute something, but then ...let's see

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    G'day mate,

    willkommen auf ADISC von Sued Australien. Ich hoffe Dir gefaellts hier, ist ne gute community. What are you studying, or what will you teach after your graduation? Which parts of the world do you travel to?

    There are a few more German speakers around here, although the group is a bit quiet at the moment.

    Cheers and have a good time.

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