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    Well, I'm currently a student and am a big history buff. I enjoy reading and leisurely biking. I came here in search of a place where the diaper fetish subculture thrives (I'm a DL myself). For the most part I intend to be a lurker and read the content.

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    That's a shame you should try to get involved ask questions and help others answer theirs its very satisfying to talk to others that share your desires!

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    Please don't just lurk! If all our newbies did that we'd eventually run out of people posting stuff.

    If you're shy initially, just take a peek round at things to see how they work. Then you can join in other people's topics, you don't have to make your own to start with. You'll get a lot more out of the site if you join in the community and make some friends, most of us are really friendly - honest!
    If you want any tips on how to get started, just ask and a more experienced member will be happy to help you.

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