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Thread: Is there a way I can get diapers without my parents, sister or friends finding out?

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    Default Is there a way I can get diapers without my parents, sister or friends finding out?

    I would like to get them for the first time, but I have no clue how I can slip it past my parents and sister. I can't order them online, since I can't use my own debt or credit cards because my parents receive the bill in the mail each time I use them and I can't drive myself to buy them at a nearby store because I don't have a license. I also don't know where I would hide the package and would be impossible to sneak into the house.

    Any suggestions?

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    You can't use your own cards? Why don't you get an account of your own! Maybe take the bus somewhere buy small packs take them home in a rucksack and store under the bed or use a card to withdraw some cash to do the same! Ingenuity it's the name of the game!

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    metro bus, walk to somewhere, etc. you can get prepaid visas at cvs, walgreens, and i don't know if you have them in illinois, but at speedway gas stations.

    buy online, say it's a present for one of your friends or something. if you don't want to buy online, just go to the store (bike, walk, bus, etc) with a large backpack.

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    why dont you simply withdraw 20 bucks or so and buy them with cash/ i person. LIke someone else said, if its a small package it can fit in a backpack.

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    Not to assume too much about how you live, but you are 20. You should probably have your license and financial confidentiality.

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    I have to agree with Baddie but I know there can be reasons one is still under their parents thumb at your stated age. If you can accept the loss and can get out buy some store brand briefs, sneak in as many as you can and just toss the rest. If you have a trusted, accepting friend with more freedom you could ask for their help.
    Good luck!

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