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Thread: What is your diaper fantasy?

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    Default What is your diaper fantasy?

    What would be the best experience you think to go through regrading diapers?

    For me I think it would be with my SO to find out about my wetting and try to potty train me. No clue why but its always seemed so cute to me :p

    How about you?

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    Mine would probably be a cute girl with bladder issues who had to wear diapers everywhere and I had to take care of her :-D

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    My favourite non sex fantasy (and therefore PG13) is to date a girl who sneeks a looks at my PC finds my photos and thinks its cute to keep me in nappies and a onesie! Not very complicated but then who would complain if it happened!

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    Mine is my husband keeping me in diapers and I am not allowed to use the toilet and I have to do everything in my diapers and only he can change me and I am not allowed to change myself. I would need his permission if I need to change and I can only do it when he is away at work or when he is sleeping without his permission.

    We do this off and on now but he still can't change me often because of his back.

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    have a cute girl have an accident (#1 or #2 or both!! ) and i change her out of the dirty one and she makes me wear her dirty diaper

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    That I am 2 and a babysitter comes to watch me and I do both #1 and #2 in my diapers and she (since I'm a girl and diapers are non sexual I prefer a straight girl to change me in my fantasies..that way I know its pure/innocent) While she changes me Id be happily sucking away on my paci Also just spending a day doing toddler crafts playing with toddler toys and watching toddler shows while diapered would be nice too

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    Well if temporary physical age regression was possible I would like to go back into daycare/preschool.

    Though that means no rollercoasters either, big fun ones I mean. Also no Bumber cars either.

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    Mine has always been to go to the park in a shirt, diaper, and sandals. I would obviously never do this (even if nobody was around), but its still something I think I'd enjoy.

    I've been to a secluded beach in shortalls though. I carry a jacket so I can zip it up if I see someone on the horizon. :3

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    To be about 11 with wetting problems and being kept wearing diapers, breast-fed, and sucking on a pacifier. Overall treated like a baby

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    I think it would be impossible to limit it to one. So here is a few!

    1. I always thought it would be awesome to bond with my older brother in diapers. This wouldn't be sexual but I've always wanted to wear around and with my brother and suck a paci while watching t.v.

    2. Another would be having this girl I'm crazy about wear for me, and wet her diaper. Then we would kiss and fool around and finish by having sex out in the woods.

    3. The last (or is it) would be renting a hotel with a male in my age. I would tell him about my fetish and hope he would accept. Then we would drive to the store and buy some goodnites, pampers and depends. Going back to the hotel near a beach and using the diapers together. Sharing a bed and sucking paci's together and then some sex and repeat. We would drive home in diapers.

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