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Thread: Finally got my diapers prescribed but my medical supplier no longer welcomes my buisiness?

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    Default Finally got my diapers prescribed but my medical supplier no longer welcomes my buisiness?

    Ok so I got my Dr. to prescribe diapers finally due to fact I have a really hard time going to the bathroom due to my disability and inability to go when im not diapered... ( )

    I went to my supplier, and they said due to my mother selling the diapers i got from them previously, they no longerr want my buisness??

    Da Faq?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringer View Post
    How did they find out about it?
    no clue but she was forced to pay back

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    that is quite interesting now i do know if your mom did sell your supplies that were paid for by the state though the medicaid program and they were sold on Craigslist i do know of a few state that monitor them for fraud My state is one of them so if you sell something you make dam sure you remove all names and or identifying marks that can come back to the person that being said i am sure there are several supplies in your area who will accept your insurance.. i normal call a new supplier i am sourcing and ask them if they supplier incontinence supplies for medicaid clients and if so what brands do they provide? "the big part is some suppliers carry different products like my supplier carries tena, and some better brands also there is a good chance if you work with the medical supplier they will get you more then briefs for example i get diapers 200, 3 washable underpads, 90 diaper doubler, 2 boxes of gloves, 30 condom catheters 2 leg bags, and 2 bed bags i just recently got the condoms for take breaks when i am breaking out in a rash or i want to go out with my kids and a diaper would be inconvenient also look for your state Fee schedules fo use it NONdurable medical equipment fee schedule this will tell you how many and how much per item the state will pay with a little information we can get the most for our needs i have dealing with this for 8 years now after 3 back surgeries 1 failed bladder surgery

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitsiulla View Post
    Who was she forced to pay back?
    I'd assume the supplier.

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    Sounds like fraud if you try to sell things that you get through your medical insurance.

    Much better to wear them than to sell them

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    How do you get insistence to pay for diapers and supplies

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    its though state funded medicaid unless you have union medical benifits i have head of some unions paying for supplies as well

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