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Thread: Wondering If Anyone Has Purchased Items from this Ebay Seller (easy*pul)

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    Question Wondering If Anyone Has Purchased Items from this Ebay Seller (easy*pul)

    I was Thinking of Buying These From This Seller They look Really Cute And Little

    Dependeco All In One flannel adult baby diaper small/medium/large (Pooh) | eBay

    So If anybody Has Purchased this or another item from this seller it would be awesome if your could share your Opinion, Experience And Suggestions On this Seller/Product or one Like It that would be Nice Thanks!

    Also quick side Note Abena Onesies/Bodystocking's Are Back in stock At XP Medical In White and Navy Blue

    XP Medical - Incontinence Bodystockings, Fixing Pants and Swim Diapers

    Thanks ADISC

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    They are a good ebayer I have bought several of their diapers
    It was plesent dealing with the seller
    And the diapers are quite comfortable

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    I don't care for cloth myself, but I must admit those look very nice. They're pretty expensive though?

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