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    Well I had a pretty lousy time last night, I am running low on my bambinos and decided to opt for the half pack I've had left from when i switched brand, they were bought from a disability shop and I used to love them as they were the first Real nappy I ever had and are supposed to be good for 3ltr's, before them I was using pull ups from boots! But after so long in bambinos they felt way to small, there wasn't enough of the sides to tape comfortably and the padding up front was very low down and slow to absorb I don't remember them being this bad! Now I'm faced with the horrifying fact that dispite only having a few of my good nappies left I'm going to throw half a pack away! Arrrrrrrhg!
    Has anyone ever done this its so frustrating but I just don't feel secure anymore I may aswell use normal baby nappies for all the good they are!

    That said it got me thinking if there's such a difference between bambinos and these is there anything that would make a bambino feel small in the same way?
    Any thing with high waist too!

    for a while of an older brand, I switched to the bambinos some time ago and never finished the pack but in order the name

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    I can only think of one brand that might be a step up from Bambinos, and those are Dry 24/7s. They are thicker, bigger, and softer. The only thing that turns me off of them a little is that the plastic is a bit too thick and stiff for me. Abenas, Secure X-Plus', Molicares, are all about on the same level. Some have better tapes, some are a bit thicker, some have better backing, but overall they are about the same.

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    The Fabine Exclusives are also supposed to be stupidly absorbent, and they have the cutest prints to boot! Downside is that they cost a pretty penny... However, don't throw those diapers away! You can stuff them with baby diapers or booster pads and still get some pretty good absorbency out of them!

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    It's not surprising to hear you started with "average" diapers, then spoiled yourself with premiums, and now you're "ruined" on the average ones. Guess you'll have to get more Bambinos

    speaking of which, I hear some teddy bears calling my name...

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    I have only one Abena M4 left out of the 3 packs I got from a thrift store 6 months ago... Been holding on to it for a while, not sure I can go back to buying Depends from my local pharmacy... I share your pain, brother.

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    Those Boots nappies are probably one of the worst I've ever tried.

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