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Thread: Hiding Baby Stuff

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    Default Hiding Baby Stuff

    I'm sure this is a topic often discussed by those whose AB/TB/DL LIFE is secret. However, I just wondered how others get on with hiding their precious supplies.....when I think about it, as a kid I seemed to have things stuffed all around my room...I'm not even sure I hid them all that well...if mum ever found anything nothing was ever said, though I did find a towel I had carefully stashed folded neatly on my bed once a bit freaky. Any how I'm dribbling on.. these days I stress so much about fact I don't keep much stuff at all which means I usually have to be very creative....I'd absolutely love to just be able to have what I questions. maybe one day I'll be able to share this with my partner.

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    I have no need, i keep them in my draw, mother knows. Before that it was a locked bag behind my bed :3
    I'm sure everyone has come up with there crazy ways of stashing stuff that revolves around there room, amount of privacy and parents current position on what they know :3

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    The cuddlies hide in plain sight as it's well accepted about me that I never gave them up, the footed pyjamas are accepted, since they're vaguely fashionable these days, I live in a colder north and am tall enough for my feet to stick out the duvet. Diapers and some other items hide out in a box under my bed, hidden behind other boxes.

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    When I do have nappies in my room (not that often nowadays), I have a little cubbyhole on the underside of my bed that I keep them in. To keep them extra safe, I put my Scouts fire-blanket over the stuff in order to conceal it further. There's a whole range of places you could put stuff in: depends on your room, how it was built, what nooks and crannies there are within/behind/around the furniture, and what is in plain sight or concealed, and what the eye latches onto first. It's a thinking game, and I love that part of it (and if that doesn't show how sad I am, you'll need new glasses )

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    My upstairs game room is unused and has a bunch of boxes stacked up in there so I used to store my diapers in one of the boxes, but then a few days ago, my dad started cleaning the room and sorting stuff out of the boxes that had things in them, so that area became dangerous, so now I have them stored in a box that is in my closet that used to hold a heater. Should be safe, I hope :O

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    I use a couple of places. I have a large plastic container with lid under bed as well as a holdall bag. I also have one drawer in my chest of drawers dedicated to my baby stuff. I also have lesser used items in the attic. I do get this stuff down from time to time but most of the regular stuff is in my bedroom. My wife is aware of it all and leaves to me all she asks is that if I get too much stuff that I get rid of older stuff before buying new. I also find that hard to do too can't bare to throw away stuff even if i don't use it anymore.

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    Living in two places has allowed me to stash stuff in both houses for the last year, at my home home I have one sleeper, a cloth diaper and one M4 for the summer but at uni I have the rest of my sleepers, a paci and 12 M4s due to the increased privacy meaning that no one but me will go through my drawers. What I'm going to do after uni is a mystery as I can hide the cloth diaper but have no room for that many sleepers (which could increase) and no room for any disposables so will have to face that issue eventually.

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    I hide my diapers and incontinence pads in thick plastic bags and then cover them up with old sheets. After that, I just throw them in the space between my bed and the footboard! I also hide my pacifiers in the space between my bed and the headboard :P my parents don't roam through my room, so as long as their out of site, I don't have much to worry about. Yay for some sense of freedom!

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    I am lucky my mom is aware of my hiding spot and hates everything about me being into this kind of lifestyle BUT we have come to the mutual agreement that I can store them in my locking cabinet in my room as long I don't cause the room to smell like wet/used diapers.

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    Back when I lived at home under the ruthless fist of my mother (dramatization), I discovered an ideal spot to hide padding and such. If I pulled out the bottom right drawer of my desk, it left a very nice cubby between it and the floor. It took some contorting to get to, but this made it all the more secure.

    Not going to lie: I am happy those days are gone. ^^

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