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Thread: *Returns*

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    Default *Returns*

    Hiya everyone!

    As I mentioned in this thread here, I left for Sydney for a number of days to visit some people.

    I guess what I neglected to mention was that by "some people", I meant Paul_Fox (you probably know him from the IRC channel), as well as his partner and quite a number of other people in the Sydney furry community.

    It's late right now, so I'll spare the details for another time. But I will say that it exceeded anything I could have imagined. There was never a dull moment and come the end of my stay, I really didn't want to leave! It was just fantastic! To those who know Paul_Fox in the chat, I can only say one thing: he is a million times more fun IRL!

    Anyway, that's it for now. Just announcing my return. Details will come later.

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    Welcome back, Lukie! Glad to hear you had a safe and fantastic trip, and really great time with your friends.


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    *Much hugglings for the Lukie*

    Great to have you back. Nice to hear you had such a good time.

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    Welcome back!

    I'm glad to hear you had such a fun trip and that the meeting went well. Home may not be as exciting, but it's good to have you back safe and sound

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    Welcome back.

    Glad to hear you had such a great time.

    *head explodes trying to imagine how awesome Paul_fox is*

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    Lukie. Let me just say thank you for your visit to sydney. I had an awesome time with you here and so did my partner. Feel free to stop in at any time. And yes... when you left i was crying at the airport :'(

    *wraps his paws around a Lukie and holds him close*

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    Paul, believe me, the pleasure was all mine. You, your partner and everyone else were such awesome people to hang around with. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better crowd. Right from the moment I saw you at the airport, I was completely comfortable hanging around with you, which is the first time in my life I've ever felt comfortable around someone new... although, I guess you aren't exactly new.

    Anyway, you'll definitely be seeing me again. Hanging around with you and your circle of friends is too much a good opportunity to ever pass up.

    And yes, I cried too, when I was on the plane. >_<

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    Naaw, glad to hear that you had such a fun time, and it is good to see that you got back.

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    so what i want to know is: did paul give you the 5 hugs from various members of adisc that he promised to deliver before you left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by avery View Post
    so what i want to know is: did paul give you the 5 hugs from various members of adisc that he promised to deliver before you left?
    Oh he gave me much more than 5.

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