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Thread: Forced Regression/Diapering

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    Default Forced Regression/Diapering

    I know this is a pretty controversial subject to some, including myself, but I realized something recently that I find pretty interesting, and I'm looking for some more input on it, as well as some differing opinions.

    First off, for those of you who don't know, D***er messed me up for a long while when I first discovered my interest in diapers. After reading the stories he had on his site, mainly the ones in his...*shudder* personal collection, I had realized that all of those stories focused around the forced babying of, unfortunately, teenagers or children. Now, once I entered my darker year, when I decided to try and rid myself of the fetish, the idea first began to settle into my brain: ANYTHING involving forced babying, regression, or diapering is bad news, or just plain wrong. Even when I accepted myself for who I am a year later, I still held onto this idea, and as I grew as an *B/DL writer (ironic, no?) that was one of the big "no-no" factors on my list when thinking of stories.

    Now, let me say right now that no matter what I say in the text to follow, I do not condone the use of forced regression, babying, or diapering of pre-teens or young children. This idea, to me, is still very, very wrong, and I simply can't give a story credit for doing something like this. It would have to be a pretty damn impressive story for me to give it merit for a plot revolving around something like that. But, about an hour ago, I did realize something that really made me question this: Is it always bad, the concept of forced regression in general?

    Diapers and babying has always been a sexual thing for me, even if I don't feel that way all the time. Forced regression is, for the most part, a fetish-based concept. I apologize if I offend anyone who sees it as a comfort method, though if you do, I look forward to reading your comment, as it'll allow me to open my opinions a little more. Anyway, having said this, the title of a certain story on this site made me grow curious, based on the somehow familiar title, and the fact that it seemed like it would involve some kind of regression, as most *B stories seem to involve. I was bored, and I'm always looking for a nice read, so I decided to read it to see why it was so familiar. Turns out, I did in fact read the story before, on "another site", if you catch my drift. I remember stopping in the very beginning, as I picked up some very D***erish elements, so I was about to stop. But before I did, I decided to check the comments first. Admittedly, I was looking for a good flame war or debate on the story, as it seemed like the kind of thing that would attract that sort of thing. I always enjoy reading those kinds of discussions, but what I found made me cock my head just a bit. Those who commented, though some were definitely either lurkers or "questionable" characters, actually consisted of some reputable names around the site, names that I respected as people with good morals and opinions. Not a single bad word was really said about this story, pretty much, and I really began to see why as I read more.

    The story was written very well. The grammar was top notch, the plot seemed to flow nicely, and you could relate to the protagonist even if he was very flat in terms of personality in the very beginning. I will admit, I didn't get past the third chapter, but I think I got a pretty solid handle on the story's pros and cons from those segments. Plus, I think I got what I needed out of the story, so there was really no need to read more in my opinion. Anyway, my point is that this story admittedly had some merit, and I respect that. Honestly, I couldn't really go on because it wasn't my kind of story. I'm a sissy, therefore I really can't enjoy a story with a male protagonist, unless he's a sissy as well. I need to feel somewhat of a connection to a character to get pulled into a story. Plus...the D***er-like elements just gave me bad memories and bad feelings began to spring up, so I thought it'd be best to stop (big sisters...*double shiver*).

    Now, on to the main point of this thread! *cue trumpets* What I got from re-reading the beginning of this story, and reading the comments that followed, is that when used correctly, forced regression isn't always a terrible method to use in a story. Take my latest story, for example: the two main characters might be considered traps in a "forced regression" scenario, but take note of these facts. Both of these characters are full grown adults in their twenties, and they themselves are changing reality that in-turn causes the people around them to baby them (it's a commission story, bear with me). It might seem like their regression is forced, at least for one of them, but keep in mind that this is really just a side effect from their initial change in reality. Though it might not have turned out the way they expected it to, they did initially want the change to take place, and they wanted to be treated younger. The regression isn't really "forced", per say; the people around them honestly believe them to be children. Therefore, they people in charge of them treat them like children. Fair enough, no?

    To summarize, I now see that forced regression, babying, or diapering isn't necessarily always a bad thing. In my opinion, as long as it's:
    A) Involving adults or late teenagers, not pre-teens or children.
    B) Based on love, not revenge or punishment (there's still a difference between forced regression and diaper punishment, at least to me).
    C) Used well, and not just put there for the sake of fapping. There has to be good reasoning behind it, not just "O you popd yer pantz? Now yer a bebe!"
    D) Isn't the main focus of the story. Like many good diaper stories, if the main plot or personality of the character revolves around diapers, then it's not really a story, just a list of events (arguably; there are some out there that are good, but it really depends on the context).

    Sorry if I strayed from my main points up there for a bit; when I type for this long, I tend to go from topic to topic. I'm not really sure if I did stray or not, but better safe than sorry. Again, if I offended anyone with my general statements, I truly am sorry. My question to you is this: What are your opinions on the topic of forced regression/babying/diapering? Is it always terrible, or can it be used to a writers advantage if he/she wields it in the right direction?

    Your friendly neighborhood Dragon Slayer,


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    Having witnessed forced diapering at one point in my life and being threatened with it at a different time by different people, i would say you're generaly treading on very dangerous ground.

    I think there was only one story I've read with forced regression that worked, and that was Blue Glow... That only worked because the main character was moved to another realm of sorts and no one in there knew it who he was not a child to begin with. Diapers were not the point of the story, though they were used to further the plot about someone restarting life and tearing someone from an apathetic downward spiral... Though, that doesn't begin to do the plot of that series justice.

    Yes, it can be done. No, it's not going to be done well the mass majority of the time. And those going in that direction had best use caution and be fantastic writers to begin with if they want to avoid coming off like.... Well, He who shall not be named.

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    ABDL stories are kinda fascinating, as are the sub-forums in which they're found on ADISC and wherever else online. ABDLism, while being a fetish, has this very emotional focus that many do / will / try not to / sometimes won't assosciate with anything sexual. Maybe this is the case for other fetishes too, or maybe just some others. I'm no expert on such things, but sexual and emotional stuff are, i would suspect, generally overlapping a lot for people, so who knows how stuff outside the ABDL universe goes. Whatever. Point is that when ABDLs get into their ABDLness (and this includes TBDLs or what have you, not getting caught up in what might be the appropriate terminology for convenience' sake), they might be as likely to pursue an emotional retreat from the world as they would be some sexual gratification. And both are just dandy, cause, well, even though lots of folks seem to almost treat it as taboo, this is a sexual thing too.

    On ADISC, there seems to be this stigma against overly sexual stuff. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - in fact, its a positive. This is a support site, and their are a number of alternatives out there for people who just want to get off or whatever else. This is also a very popular site though, and I figure probably over half the people who sign up here don't fully grasp the nature of this site (though often come to appreciate and embrace it), or could care less and are just looking for a turn on regardless.

    The result of that is apparent in all subforums. We all see those weird, annoying, kinda creepy topics and pages pop up now and again in the intros and diaper forums and whatever else. No worries, its bound to happen, and fortunately these are often dealt with quickly and maturely. These folks show up in the story forums too, and they post some weird stories. They're often reprimanded, discouraged, and it seems that they generally give up and disappear. These stories may get a number of responses ranging from long-winded rants bashing their often tragic use of grammar and unacceptable subject matter, to questionable encouragments from members with low post counts. What these two groups of extremes want is clear. The latter is just looking for fap material, which, as stated, could be harmless (though not so much when associated with pedophilia or any under-age inappropriateness or other criminal junk). The former is more interesting.

    Some people (myself certainly included) are much more interested in stories about people who are ABDLs or stories involving them or related to them that aren't really sexual in nature. The ADISC stories forums seem to be intended for such stories. Its has occurred to me before, however, that this is kinda strange. On a forum, you usually aren't going to find to many really great writers (though there are a few who are quite talented considering the setting), and you won't find many great stories. We patiently settle for stop-go attempts and the occasional diamond in the rough. But why? If you want good writing, there are many quality books. Why the ABDL stuff if you're not after anything sexual? Maybe it helps with an emotional retreat sort of thing. I think there are some such popular stories like that, but I'm not very interested by them so I'm not too sure. For me, and others I'm sure, it's, as stated before, a lot about people in diapers, and how that affects their life. It's a cool escape or experience to check out how other people explore that through writing, and when authors can pull it off (austin), well that's super duper. I think its all kinda fascinating. Not much more. This paragraph was more of a musing.

    BUT here's something more interesting than that. There are some stories, like OP mentioned, where the grammar and plot and writing are all very good (again, considering the setting) and because of that, some questionable content matter may be overlooked and forgiven because the story is "just that well written". Three examples that I've read on this site (and there may be more) are Babystar, Kidnapped, and Cody and the Baby-Start-Over-Program (or whatever its called). NOTE that I do not intend to personally attack the authors or any other member of this forum. Just something I want to say.

    When I first got to the stie, Babystar was hugely popular, and I read it. It was interesting that in the first few pages of the original "stories in progres" thread, there was some questioning by the author and some readers as to whether or not the story was acceptable for this site. Nevertheless, it was completed. I'm not sure if this was true for either of the others mentioned above, but I read them once they were completed, not in their original in-progress threads (which I'm not sure they had). These stories all involve pre-teen boys being forced into diapers and punished against their will. It's actually the predominant plot point in all of them. Stripped down, they follow a very basic model for over-done and unoriginal "fap stories". They happen to be well written enough for people to forgive this in light of all the extra stuff.

    I don't think it's much coincidence that three of the more popular and viewed stories this site has ever seen (though two of them are removed now, I believe) could very harshly be called well done "fap-stories". Is there more to them than that? Of course, but even the own authors seem to have recognized, even if it was after their work was complete, how their stories were being interpreted by many. So much positive feedback to these stories by so many members (not excluding myself) for stories that contained a lot of stuff we are all so againt. Either a lot of people are in denial or are dishonest or are just on the wrong side of a line may yet to have been drawn in their minds.

    Point being that I'm not trying to attack folks, or attack the sexual nature of this fetish (cause, ya know, its a fetish). We all need to be careful what we're willing to accept here on this site though. Members from this site can undoubtedly be found on a variety of forums where intentionally sexual stories are allowed, and that's great. Maybe some sites will permit the inclusion of what could be called criminal content too, and while many would argue against that being alright, that's not the point here. On ADISC, we shouldn't have that. There are lots of places for it, but this isn't one of them. Yes we accept the sexual side of this stuff, but I do not think this is the place where people should come to get off. This is intended to be supportive, and maybe that doesn't cater to the real interests of the majority, but I think it a good thing to have such an oasis in the dessert of all things decent known as the internet.

    Unfortunately, I think a lot of members have some dual identity issues trying to reconcile the "sexual" side allowed on other sites and, I dunno, the "emotional" side (for lack of a probably better term) allowed here. As such, the sexual stuff is very downplayed, but when a story like those mentioned above shows up, its gets a lot of attention, because it's sexual side is kinda hidden underneath some other stuff too. Maybe its not a huge problem, but I think we need to be very careful about what we allow, while still making sure people can honestly express whatever they're feeling or struggling with in ways that are appropriate here (both through the writing of stories and the posting of posts).

    Not looking for any solutions or major changes to how the mods run this ship. I would merely encourage all members to carefully consider the fragiligty of Mr. Nameless-Thirteen-Year-Old who comes to this site, all hormonal and confused and ends up in the stories section. Like the OP, I was that person and I ended up on the wrong site, and was worse for it. There are many testimonies here that are similar. Don't let ADISC be that place, and don't let your actions or words or support encourage this place to be like that. Yeah, they're out their. No, they aren't all bad. But ADISC is not that. I know this isn't a perfect, faultless sanctuary, but we should very much try to use this vehicle to support and encourage each other (while enjoying one another's company to the extent afforded), because the internet needs more good and useful stuff. We can be that, and largely we are that, but it doesn't stay that way without work.

    Longestest post ever. What a tool. Who even writes that much on the internet? Short attention spans won't bite. Like trying to teach a walrus geometry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slang View Post
    Excuse me for shortening the quote, but I couldn't possibly break that monster of a post down piece by piece, even though everything in their was exceptionally written, and you make several solid and noteworthy points. It really is discussions and posts like these that make me happy I'm a part of ADISC, as we're able to talk about certain subjects without being attacked or ridiculed for it. Anyway, I have read both Cody and the Baby Start Over Program and Babystar, and they were the stories that pretty much inspired me to start writing myself. If anyone were to judge a story on how "appropriate" it is before commenting, I honestly think that they should take those two stories into account. Yes, they're borderline on my personal rule of not reading about pre-teens, or males for that matter, but it was a different time and a different place. The point here is that those two stories are phenomenal, and should be treated as such. They are a perfect example of a solid balance of *Bism as a sexual concept, and as a comfort method/story engine. Sure, the stories weren't perfect; both of their endings were arguably the worst part of the stories, and that's saying something. But while there are some underlying sexual themes, they're well written and have no harmful intent behind them.

    This is a stretch, but take a book like "A Wolf By the Ears", for example. I was told to read that novel in seventh grade, and it talked about some pretty heavy stuff: racial prejudice, slavery, adultery, and attempted rape. Was this a bad story because of that, though? Not in the slightest. I know there's a difference between a historical fiction novel and an *B/DL story, but the point is still clear.

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    Well I have to comment this post hit me hard! Forced regression goes back to my earliest days of AB and the Internet, as a teenager I felt very stupid about my feelings regarding babyhood and I can recall the days I found out about the rest of the world of abdl, I was about 14 and while cheekily looking in the back few pages of the exchange and mart (the adult adverts) i found an advert for a dominatrix of sorts who called herself Mommy Stephanie! This was the first time I realised that I wasn't the only person in the world that had a desire for babyish things, excitedly I did some very slow reserch using our new family computer (my first Pc on dial-up) and soon found write ups of visits from her clients the tales shown contained all of the elements I desired nappies, bottles, highchairs and mixed it with a strong sexual element I was missing, but being fourteen I latched on and soon I was looking all over for stories and even started to write my own based on my fantasy of visiting a mommy, the themes got stronger and stronger I realised there was some pretty strong stuff in them but mostly the central theme was me being punished for something by being sent to visit this mommy who would belittle me and mock me for the situation I was in.

    Now looking back this was some pretty heavy stuff I was into at such a young age but I now realise something that I never would have thought of then, the idea that when your living with a guilt complex about the rights and wrongs of your own desires your brain will allow you to lock on to anything that elevates that stress, namely the idea of being force ably regressed removed the guilt of your desire because you don't have a choice wich oddly enough is very apt for this sort of desire since baby's are generally not given choices by their carer, they are told what to eat and when to eat and when to go to bed, but although we remove this guilt we also introduce the idea of submission to a authority figure this through association can lead the idea of gratification though submission soon whatever you read about from being used as an ashtray all the way to sexual abuse can develop their own appeal, this is worrying and quite frankly down right scary when you thing children are reading these things! That was not apparent to me as a teenager but now as I myself have become more restrained with age and have made an effort to access the innocent side of my AB desires that I've had since I was about 6 or 7 (I can't remember not having these feelings) I have recently discoverd ADISC a PG rated world for people of all ages and I can't help but wonder if I had somewhere to come like this when I was at that age would my life be any different, has it stunted my progress as a responsible adult, I fear so and although I am now relatively normal I am still left wondering how many kids out there are going down the same route

    Now I'm obviously not criticising the connection of a sexual link to diapers I had those feelings already but the merger of abdl with s&m was purely down to Internet exposure, as normal purveyors of porn find them selves drawn to more and more aggressive hardcore pornography I was pulled to excessive stories about child abuse featuring me as the victim this is something I now wish to distance myself from, I don't object to the idea of a spanking or being deprived access to the 'big boys toilet' but tend to focus of the more healthy aspects of AB life the loving and caring shared between caregiver and AB, something that I'm pleased to find this site is very good at. I can only hope that more teenagers find this site first so that they can explore themselves innocently surrounded by supportive peers rather than wonder blindly into territory that even adults find distasteful!

    Sorry if I started to ramble on a bit, its easy to get carried away when your reflecting on your mistakes!

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    I would like to know what story you're referring to Natsu. Don't treat it like it's some horrible secret...

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    I think I've commented on some of these stories and untill reading this post, didn't really take into concideration that forced part as being something bad because, it was something fictional. At least untill I did research and found out some parents actually do, do it. Then I felt sick and disgusted by it. Yes, for me, a story needs to evoke a emotional connection. If you are able to make me feel sorry for the character, then you did a good job in making a story as far as I was concerned. Same with stories that are about loving connections made mutually by carers and child. I don't look into the sexual side, I don't even realise its there. And now that you made me think about it.

    Of course, I'm sure not everyone means to encourage this. Everyone reads a story for different reasons. I've read the start over program one. I was happy the kid got out of the situation, I thought it was a thought provoking story. My main thought when reading it was I'm glad they don't do that for real, and how strong the main characters resvolve was, and how the human spirit can survive being torn apart like that. Thats just my thought on the matter though.

    It was wierd, I also tend to skip things or block anything sexual from what I've been reading, its a safety mechanism from when I was a kid. Some stories I read at school had some themes in them that where not central but had been placed to make the main character develope a certain way and to explain their feelings. And, I blocked it straight away, skipped it and went back to the magic and mayhem instead of the sad stuff.

    I do agree though that stories involving young children that are forced are abit, much. I do prefer the late teens to adults, and on top of that feel that it has to be mutually agreed, though there are some with, uhh... forced concepts such as blackmail which is borderline. Though that might just be due to the countless guilt trips I've been through, that I feel its the characters choice when being guilted or blackmailed. I know thats how I view it on myself. So I probably impose that view on them. anyways, just an afterthought of sorts.

    Not the best at explaining myself. But thats my 2 cents :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexybait13 View Post
    I would like to know what story you're referring to Natsu. Don't treat it like it's some horrible secret...
    The name of the story is of no importance, and I'd rather not mention it as to cause the author any unwanted attention now that some arguments could potentially be brought up for or against his story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexybait13 View Post
    I would like to know what story you're referring to Natsu. Don't treat it like it's some horrible secret...

    Quote Originally Posted by Natsu View Post
    The name of the story is of no importance, and I'd rather not mention it as to cause the author any unwanted attention now that some arguments could potentially be brought up for or against his story.
    I'd say it could most likely be this one.

    Though it might not be, but it kinda fits with how Natsu described it. well written grammer wise as opposed to most stuff I've read on deekers or daily diapers. Plus the whole story is forced regression even if the kid ' wanted" it.

    Personally I felt it's a kinda be careful what you wish for story. Though the kids parents/family, etc clearly didn't do it out of love, they were simply rather in tone/nature sadistic and forcing him to grow out of it/get sick of it. Thankfully no parent in their right mind would try anything as stupid/fucked up as this and those that aren't in their right mind wouldn't afford it and it would be swiftly brought to a end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natsu View Post
    My question to you is this: What are your opinions on the topic of forced regression/babying/diapering? Is it always terrible, or can it be used to a writers advantage if he/she wields it in the right direction?
    I don't mind regression and forced diapering as long as the story presents realistic reasons for why they're necessary. I mean, if the story is about a kid who can't change himself because he's physically handicapped, there's nothing wrong with that. Likewise, I don't mind stories where the kid gets diapered or treated younger than his age because he's lazy or immature (and also genuinely needs diapers). The theme of immaturity or psychological weakness can be exploitative in the hands of the wrong author, but it can also be perfectly fine if the author writes with sensitivity and keeps the story plausible.

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