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Thread: if you could stop liking diapers

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    Default if you could stop liking diapers

    If you had the chance to stop liking diapers. Would you? I mean [you would] completely never again ever want to wear again.

    for me no. being a AB is who I am.
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    No, I wouldn't. I don't see anything wrong with it at all. Though I certainly wouldn't go as far to say it's "who I am", it is an interest that I have no shame in.

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    Hate to be the odd one out, but yes:/. A lot less to hide, and therefore less general stress that my parents are going to find out.

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    The TB/DL side of me says no; however, the other side of me says yes.

    So... Taking in the fact that I would only say 'no' because I was indulging, then I would suck it up and say yes.
    I would rather live a life without this side of me. It would be a lot easier.

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    In a heartbeat. Nothing against those who choose otherwise, but it would definitely have made my life easier.

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    Well, it'd definitely make my life easier, but I like the comfort of wearing them, plus it helps with my mild IC.
    If I could stop liking diapers and stop my IC, I'd go with yes. Just stop liking diapers, no.

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    I'd probably have a better life without it, but at the moment i'm trying to enjoy it.

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