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    Default Heeled platform boots, and walking...

    Over calf 1.5 inch platform 5 inch heel vinyl, to be specific. Found them in size 14 on sale for $25, couldn't pass them up since they suit a bunch of anime costume.

    Anyone have any tips for not looking like a two minute old giraffe? Up stairs is easy, down stairs makes me more paranoid of stairs than I already am, and there is no such thing as walking in a straight line...

    I'm pretty sure I can solve calf cramping on my own, a minute of Googling muscle structure and common injuries let me add a new stretch to my already long routine (I borrow them from things we did in baseball and football, but also videos and books I've seen for gymnastics, ballet, and cheerleading.) If anyone has any specific tricks, though, I try mostly everything to see what works.

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    I can't advise you how to walk in the heels myself, as I could never do it but I wish you all the luck in finding out how to master them

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    I don't wear heels much at all, seeing as they're much less practical than trainers and kill my feet if I wear them for too long, and even if I'm at home dressed in my girly gear, I barely do any walking in them, seeing as I spend 90% of my time indoors sitting down, so I'm not much help here.

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    stand straight up, dont lean forward. take small steps! you want to land on your toes first, and barely touch your heel to the ground. the idea is dainty! at 1.5" it should make you pop your hips a bit to balance. your feet should naturally gravitate toward your center when you step forward like walking on a balance beam.

    woot woot. I was a natural, so I dont know about the whole learning thing.

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    I have spent more time in heels than my wife The trick to walking down stairs in heels is to do it sideways (I am also a size 14), making sure the foot in the boots are fully on the stair tread or you are asking to hook a heel and go down.

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