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    Hey guys and gals, I just have to share this. I really don't mean to brag but I'm so happy and need to share. I've been involved with my girl for over a year now. We live far apart but see each other every couple of months. She is the greatest. She knows about my baby side and is getting used to how I work still. We do move in and out of baby mode pretty seamlessly. She always changes me and never makes me do it, even for messy ones. But anyway, tonight just made me realize how lucky I am.
    We were going out for the evening and going to be out a while. We were going to a car thing, dinner and then minigolfing with friends. She always picks my clothes and gets me dressed. She put me in a molicare super plus that I picked out some khaki shorts and cute American eagle shirt with writing on it. It really could be a little boys shirt. Anyway as I'm sitting on the bed with my legs dangling as she ties my shoes, I notice that with my outfit and everything I really do feel little, special and loved. It was just that moment. I was so happy. As we were golfing my stomach started to bother me from dinner, we got home as soon as we could, but it wasn't soon enough. She wasn't mad at all and didn't make a big deal out of it. She helped the best she could and just had me jump in the shower. She really does love me so much. I have to be one of the luckiest guys in the world.
    I know this sounds like a story, but it's really not, it's the truth. Guys, if you're looking for that girl, keep looking and don't lose hope. You might have to compromise a thing here or there but don't give up hope!!!!!

    Again, I don't mean to brag I'm just so happy!!!!!!

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    I'm happy for you and all, but I think this should be more or less a blog.

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    I know what you mean. I met my someone special and now shes my fiancee and I wouldn't let her go for anything

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    Ditto my daddy is my fiancée he wasn't into the AB scene until he met me. And he still isnt cool with all of it but it's all about comprmising. Now he wouldnt give up being my daddy for anything!

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    That's so exciting! It's always amazing to find someone who wants to take care of you c: definitely never let her go!

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    Congrats! I can only hope that I will be so lucky.

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    Just make shure you do stuff for her it,s a two way street .As much she gives you you must give back.hug

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    My husband is my dad and we met on Dailydiapers. We were both got lucky. He wanted a baby girl but he didn't think it would happen but it did. But he would still love me even if I wasn't his baby.

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    That's fantastic! Hearing stories like this gives me hope that maybe someday I could find the one for me! ^^

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