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Thread: Any tips for shaving my legs?

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    Default Any tips for shaving my legs?

    Okay, so tonight I'm going to start a bath (off-topic but do you usually take a bath or a shower?) and I'm going to shave my legs.

    What I have as far as supplies are:
    A three bladed razor
    Shaving soap
    Shaving brush
    Lotion for after the fact

    Anyways I was wondering, do any of you have any tips or tricks that would make things easier,faster, ect.?
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    I missed the cutoff time I'm pretty sure, but I recommend putting lotion on the areas you'll be shaving before (preferably several hours or daily-for-a-few-days before) and after, if it's your first time.

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    When's the cutoff time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iloveuroutfit View Post
    When's the cutoff time?
    read the post, it says 10:30 silly goose. Too late to comment on this thread

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    Cutoff time may be missed, but for future reference to all of you wondering, NEVER EVER EVVVVVVEEEEERRRR shave against the grain. You will get razor bumps like freaking crazy. Well, not quite 'never', just wait until you've shaved your legs a few times. I used to shave my entire body for coolness and making as low a weight as possible for Brazilian Jiujitsu.

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    This is fairly common for AB's to do, especially when you're going to cub out. I have shaved many times, and have the following advice. Trust me, its much easier!:

    If you're going to man-scape then I'd recommend buying Veet cream from a local Pharmacy. Get 2 bottles if you plan on doing arms, legs, and chest. Don't use it on your crotch, though, as you'll get chemical burns on your scrotum (sorry!). I usually just use scissors to remove the "bulk" of hair down there, then finish it off with a hand razor.

    An electric buzzer style shaver works wonders too, especially on the legs. Using a hand razor is horribly time-consuming, and it makes such a mess. The thing will clog with hair constantly. You'll also need rag towels to wipe the blade as you go. I also always shave in the shower. Clean up time gets cut in half.

    Keeping up with your shave is much easier, but if you let your hair regrow, I'd expect it to look relatively normal in about 2 weeks.

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    On the clogging issue single bladed safety razors tend to work best, though for better hair removal I have found nair/veet/etc... good for all body areas except face and genitals, though they do sell a gentle formula for those areas which I recommend from experience as shaving their can be a bit dicey. I did a manzillian shave and had razor bumps for days from that one. Where when I used the special formula cream for those areas my skin was only sensitive for about a day, afterwards and no bumps, don't believe the longevity of the removal claims for the creams it is really only in shaved state for about 3 days for me when I use the cream. I am now seeking permanent removal through laser due to that, but as a short term or less permanent solution the creams work great even if a bit time consuming.

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    I only shave my upper legs but usually just a razor works good for me

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    If you want to shave against the grain shave with it first the soap up again and go againts it.

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