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    Went to the store just before it closed tonight (less busy, less embarrassing) and updated my nappy stash! I now have enough nappies to wear every night for over two months! :P (Think i'll span them out a little longer though)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice score! Whats the package on the lower right? I am going to guess that they are a store brand perhaps?

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    Hey, thanks heaps! The packages on the bottom right are a 'teenage bedwetting diaper' called 'SleepyNights' they're more or less the same as DryNites, except plain white, a lot more traditional diaper looking, and they're made by a different company

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilot1604 View Post
    never saw those printed Tena Pants before! they new?
    They look like Tena Discreet to me. We have them in the UK in a different packaging:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    yeah here in the states we dont have printed tena underware like that.. lucky you. i'm jelous. i got excited for a miniute i was about to go out to walmart to look for them, looked it up online first, all they have in the us is are plain ones

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    They're really thin and pretty much useless for anything but a few dribbles. The more absorbent ones are plain white.

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    Yeah, the printed Tena's are only new in AUS. I'd say they'll bring them to the USA pretty soon! Also, I tested the printed Tena's last night, and they performed well - Full bladder, no leaks, squishy and they maintain their fitting.

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    Just being curious, how do these Tena pants (the printed ones) hold compared to Goodnites / Drynites?
    Would you have any picture of them?

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