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Thread: Boy/girl plushy

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    Default Boy/girl plushy


    Maybe this is a very strange question. But how do we know if a plushy is a boy or a girl?

    I think may plushy is a boy because it feels like that when i hug him.

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    Thats a good question. I don't really know, first thing that comes to my mind is when i was younger imagining of being a cub, my plushy was my little cub brother. I guess it just continued on that way. My plushies are pretty much boys, although I have considered looking for a plushy that i could give a girl name to.

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    Good Question
    I dont think it really matters what a plushy looks like, its about what you think it is (Boy/Girl).

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    boy or girl.... that is easy. just lift up the skirt and look. (absolutely serious face....) lol

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    Well, I know my plushy is a boy, Roary is a lion and he has a lions mane. Since only boy lions have a mane, then that makes him a boy. Perhaps your plushy has some gender defining traits?

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    You assign your plush a gender. Ironically, my plushie didn't have a gender for the longest time, and then one day my mind just determined he was a he.

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    It can be whatever the toy tells your heart or whatever you want it to be... it's up to you.

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    In my case, Digimon aren't divided into genders (so I don't know) and tails is male.

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    Well...they just 'are'...that's all. I mean Oberon is male (obviously), and Pink (pink puppy) and Sushi (white kitten) are female...and Mr Bunny is a boy, but Mrs Cuddles (white teddy bear) is a girl (I didn't name her, my granddaughter I guess she just knows these things, too!). I have so many plushies...but Nibblekins (a rather non-gender-specific name) is a girl teddy bear in a bunny costume! Oh, and Jozee and Jozef are femle & male teddies respectively.

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    Hmm I would say It just depends on how the plush would appear to you. Personally my plushies are not all one gender they all have their own gender. So thats how it has worked for me personally. But thats a really good question. It makes me wonder what my next plushies gender will be! :3

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