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Thread: My Spouse wears diapers, too.

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    Default My Spouse wears diapers, too.

    I developed incontinence from childhood...when I was put down for naps as a child, I started (probably around age 6) training myself to wet on demand. I would let just enough to trickle to moisten the front of my pants, then hold the rest until naptime was over. My naps were generally long (to me, at least) and I was alway dry by the time I got up.

    I was raised on a ranch, and often had extended periods of time when I was alone doing my chores. As a teenager I often wet myself while working; I always had to make sure i wet early on to ensure my pants were dry, or at least the moisture no longer obvious by the time i was finished.

    I am now married more than 40 years, and through several years of having "accidents" I convinced my wife I needed protection. Then, with medical problems developing for her, she is now more comfortable wearing diapers than not. As empty-nestors, we often walk around in our house wearing nothing but our diapers.

    Life is good.

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    I don't really agree with lying to your spouse, but welcome!

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