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Thread: Best incontinence pad for Incontinence, sweat and sensitive skin

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    Default Best incontinence pad for Incontinence, sweat and sensitive skin

    Does any 1 know what are the best kind of pads (brand, type etc) I should try for my incontinence as well as my exessive sweating and won't irrate the skin and are snug fitted so no loosenes around the legs and that I won't have to keeping pulling up all the time and are hopefully comfortable. Sorry for posting as u all know keep going around in circles and there are soo many different pads out there too many for me to choose from.

    And prefer discrete

    By the way I live in Australia

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    are you looking for a diaper insert, or an hourglass shaped pad for inside briefs?

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    As for pads, I prefer Depends Guards for Men. They are minimally slower on absorption, but they keep the moisture away from the skin.
    As for diapers, I use the Depends "designer" pullups. They are sized S/M, which goes up to a 40" waist, or L/XL, which goes up from 42". My waist size is 42" but I use the S/M. It is a snug fit and does not sag, even when retaining two bladder loads.

    When I wear trousers that might reveal that I'm wearing a diaper, I wear snug fitting underwear over the diaper. Also, I use either vinyl/plastic, or rubber diaper covers.
    It took me nearly two years of experimenting to find the combination that works best for me. I hope it works for you.

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    Currently wearing Depends underwears super fo men large and tried tena pants have the following issues with both (not as bad with the tena but still unbearable)

    -Need to find right product that is also comfortable and discrete -Padding most of the times feels damp while pulling them up after going to the toilet even on really cold days -Sometimes irritates skin -chaffing -Becomes loose around inner leg area -Constantly having to pull them up -Sags a lot -uncomfortable

    So i guess all pullup type will have the same issues

    Continence nurse suggested something more absorbent and tighter fitting

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    i keep on getting coupons for the tena men pull ups so i keep wearing them...but they sag and feel wet...

    i really like the depends real fit, very form fitting, very discrete, absorption is really good for leaks. dont flood them.... but i highly recommend them

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