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Thread: Where do you buy your clothes?

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    Default Where do you buy your clothes?

    I dont have a crazy amount of money, nor do I have a way ta get alot of money let alone fast & I'm super thin. I'm having trouble finding places that have cute clothes. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Any input would really help me out bunches

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    Ebay tends to be quite good, I prefer shopping over the internet for potentially embarrassing clothes. Just google shopping search whatever clothes you want (maybe if you're especially skinny, add your size too), click what you want, and the magical van delivers it to you a bit later.
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    Ohhh, yeah, but the thing about online though is that I hafta wait and then i cant try em on in the fitting room but i'll do that too from now on thank you so much

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    you're welcome

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    Also, be careful as sizes vary depending on brand, so look for any size tables that the website might have, saying how big their sizes actually are. If there isn't one, try getting bigger rather than smaller, because then you could adjust/tighten it as needed.

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    Well personally I like to go to places like goodwill. The prices are generally good, for example I got this really nice looking black dress, nothing fancy, for seven dollars.

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    wow, that must've been a bargain!
    On ebay I once got a really nice ball gown-style dress for 30, which was a pretty good deal.

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    Awesome, the only ball-gown style dress I own is one that I found going through my sisters things after she moved out. Yeah she left a lot of skirts and things for me.

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    Did she know about your sissy tendencies, or just happened to leave it behind?

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    I never flat out told her, but I think she knew, seeing as the box of stuff had written on it "To [My Name Here]:From Allison"

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