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Thread: Using your interest for those in need?

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    Question Using your interest for those in need?

    So I am sort of this care giver for this boy[he's three and in diapers] that's my Close friends aunt[she knows im a DL] son and...I been thinking...

    When this boy I kind of take care of starts to run out of diapers...You guessed it! Some of my baby diapers go to him...I want diapers but dont need them,but he does[im not saying any names for protection reasons]...

    What im saying is...Do you put your interest to those in need? And If you dont,would you help out a kid at the expence of you being discovered like me...Doing the right thing as its called,Right?

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    Quiet possibly if the kid needs one he needs one I usually have a few on me as I have medical need that varies from day to day and baby diapers make great boosters. So yeah I would probably be like here take one. I am 27 so unless it is someone I am close to they would probably just guess I have kids and keep them on hand. They would be wrong but in the end the kid in need would get diapered and that's what matters. If it is someone I am close to they know about my issues so they wouldn't question it. Now where danger for me would be is donating female clothes that don't fit anymore to charities that might raise a few eyebrows, as my sissyness is not a public thing at least yet, but if their was a need I would do my best to fill it.

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    I got myself caught in a awkward situation. I was near the incontinence section in Wal-Mart, and I heard a conversation between two women. They were talking about how "all" these diapers here leak all the time on him. I kinda glanced over and there was a older teen with I'm guessing Down Syndrome. I didn't even hesitate and blurted that you can find ones 10 times better online. I guess they'd seen that I was a younger adult knowing about adult diapers gave me one of those ok... looks. I probably had on a WTF did I just say looks.

    I written them the link to XPMedical, and told them about some brands that they had there. Explained that the per piece price may be higher but there will be fewer changes and leaks and that they will also save money buying the more absorbent ones. Then they started complaining about shipping fees. Then I boasted the free shipping with cases.

    I still wonder today if she used my advice, no way to tell, but I gave away a good bit of expertise lol.

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    there is no greater love then to give ones life for ones friend. neighbor, brother.
    of course, offering up ones diapers, and at the same time, ones anonymity; though a little less life threatening. can lead one down the same road of selflessness......

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    Over the years I have given away hundreds and hundreds of diapers (both baby and adult) to food banks, thrift stores, and folks in need (parents, caregivers, the incontinent, and yes, fellow ABDLs) . It feels good to know you're helping people in a tangible way as opposed to just writing a check that you hope some organization uses properly.

    Give and ye shall receive!

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    Oh god it's agonising not telling people things you know about, i work partially as a shop assistant and I love giving my advice to people there's nothing better for business than a customer saying iv got to go and find a ****** and being able to say "ah you can get those from....." Or giving them some other usefull piece of info, this is especially true if you direct them to use someone else's services like "I'm sorry we aren't able to do that but just down the street......" and then there are nappys and baby bottle (one of my passions) but as a single guy it would just be weird even if I did know what I was talking about!

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    Well the only thing ive ever done in a helpful sense is show a friend my lifestyle and introduced her to it, and in her interest I gave her a few of my diapers (good ones too) and I bought her a onesie. She finds it very stress relieving and Im glad she could see it the way I do, maybe not in a regressing sort of way, but she appreciates the comfort of the diaper and the innosence of the whole situation, resulting in her calming and feeling more at peace.... So i dont know if that counts but thats the only way ive ever helped someone with my ABDL thing lol, I also give people diaper advice sometimes :P

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    That is so neat you guys! Wow! More people that are willing to put them selfs in harms way for people as they say then I thought

    This along with other questions been pondering me for quite some time...Are we just a bunch of diaper horders or people that really understand about needs and wants and are willing to give up our diapers for those in need?

    This is so epic!

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