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    I've been out of town for work this week, and i had to come solo to work on a project. I picked up a bag of molicares before I left town and then some Kroger pull ups here just to wear during the day but not really use. Been wearing the molicares after work to cruise around town and sleep in. I havent been able to wear diapers in a while and it is such a relief to be in them again. I need to just bite the bullet and tell my girl friend about this....I guess I'm going to have to at some's been great reading some of yalls stories about telling girlfriends/'s inspiring and makes me very happy that some of y'all have found accepting people to share this with. Definitely not an easy thing to tell someone.

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    I've found that if you've spent a lot of time with someone, you tend to stop being valued by your quirks or interests and more by your character. If this is a person who knows you very well, I doubt it will be as bad as whatever your imagination conjures up. Find the right time and give a little buildup to it. Let her know you have a important secret you wish to share and set a time for yourself when you absolutely will spill the beans. If you try to do it during any old night, I find it never comes up; invite her over for the purpose of telling her and do it almost first thing. Let the night go from there down whatever course it may take.

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