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    Hi all,

    stumbled across this site a while ago whilst looking for more information on infantilism and so far have found it a really useful resource.

    I am an engineer and in my spare time I play video games (mostly Forza 4, I do love cars) and watch movies.

    Sorry its short, I cant think of many things to say.

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    Hello, thePianist, and welcome to ADISC! Glad to see you have found the information on the site useful. I noticed you said you're an engineer, what kind are you if you don't mind me asking? My father is an electrical engineer, and I plan to be a computer hardware engineer, so that's something that's pretty interesting for me. As far as cars go, we have quite a few people into cars, we even have an ASE certified mechanic who frequents this very site, and I know of a few people who play Forza as well. As far as movies go, who doesn't like a good flick to help relax and unwind? A great guy in the chat is a movie buff, always has a movie playing or a game going.

    Feel free to drop in the chat if you'd like, I'm sure you'd receive a warm welcome.

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