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    Smile Hello from England

    Hi all, I'm a adult baby since I can remeber, I was still in nappies to the age of 4 and have always had a bunny called bugsbunny which my nanny gave to me when I was about 1 year old and 40 years later I still keep him close but with old age I get upset of lossing him to over loving so I have a another bunny called Sparky which goes ever were with me beacuse of past events my adult baby is only know by very few but I live with a lovely person who is my soul mate and she loves baby, I wear nappies 24/7 and drink Hipp organic baby milk which I can't get enuff off but I must keep it in check to be healthy, I have feels and act(regress) to about 2 years old and I'm a little S.O.D. to mummy, I've all ways like females but over the past years I've come to like some for who is in side not on the out side because of my baby feeling I have a problem which I'm happy, Sad, crying in my upside down world some times but baby is allways there and allways will be.
    As I'm typeing this I remeber that all the years i've tryed to hide baby because I thourt I was the only one and I was just babyish with having my bunny toys/friends who are real to me, and having them taken from me to punish me for some thind I did. I do have 4 real bunnies which I love to bits and adore to the point when they are not well I will spend the night with them even if I do not sleep. Sorry if my spelling is not right some time as I have a probelm with it. Thank you all XXXXXXX
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    Hello there, Welcome to ADISC.
    As it happens, I've had a cuddly rabbit since the age of 1 as well, and know a few others too. I think there's even a group for cuddly animal keepers if you'd like to join.
    One thing that makes the site unique is that we're not just about the nappies. We (nearly) all share this common interest but we talk about all sorts of things apart from the baby stuff: from cars to politics to video games. I see you haven't posted anything else yet, if you're stuck for ideas where to post you could use the search box in the top right to look for threads that interest you, or take a look at one of the articles on how to get started.
    Alternatively, tell us about some of your other interests here and you'll soon come across plenty of members who share them, enjoy your time here.

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    Thank you for a warm welcome, I've had the site on my favorite bar for some time now but only done something about the last week. I'm not to good with words I'm more hands on. I have two cars and two bikes, my first car is just a run about but the other is a 1990 Nissan 300zx twin turboClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	13092, My two bikes are a 2001 Honda X-11 and 1995 Kawasaki ZXR400 which is modifed, which I only use when I feel ok because of baby feelings so some days I have no problem others it's a bit hard. I would like to chat with like minded people/babies, I always look at youtube to what is going on and i've been taken by LifestyleLittleCandi video which comes accross so well and pulled my feeling about so much I cried and it propted me to join so I could have contact with my own kind. My mommy helps me as much as she can, she as her own problems to cope with on a daily bases i.s O.C.D. which we help each other. I have a very trusting out look and other grown ups have taken advantadge of to there means and then throw me away when there are finnished or I've out grown my youfullness, but now mommy protect me now, Sorry if I've gone a bit but it's like a emosoin out poure of my feels right now. Big hugs to all

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