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    Hello ADISC users. I've been reading this forum for a few months now and have decided to make an account.
    About me:
    I'm a college student in Washington DC, I want to be a writer, and have been dating a girl who I'll call Sara, for 6 months. She found out relatively early in the relationship that I had a fetish (I spent most of my nights drunk those days), but refused to tell her what it was. Eventually, though, after we had both said "I love you," I let her in on the secret. She seemed ecstatic at the time that I trusted her with my most intimate secret and we fell even harder for each other.
    Eventually school gets out for the summer and we both go home to opposite sides of the country. At this point she lets me know that it bothers her a little bit (which I was expecting), but we were able to handle it with relatively no problem. After a little over a month apart, she comes to visit me and I build up the courage to ask her to wear one. She wants to be able to say yes because she doesn't want to disappoint me, but she can't. We end up talking about it for the next few hours, which is the most I've ever talked about it (I don't even write about it in my journal).
    Everything appeared fine, but today she called me (she only went back home two days ago) and started crying because it was all she could think about. She can't disassociate me from them. I also learned that her dad, who lives in a nursing home, has to use them, which creates an even greater negative association. We both understand that this is a fascination that probably won't go away, though I've only just started indulging in it (I bought my first pack a month ago), but she's worried about what it can become, like if I meet her father and I don't have as much control as I think I do. I don't see this being an issue on my end, but it's still a concern of her that I can't seem to alleviate.
    One thing she asked me to do, was to talk with someone about this, so her I am. This is something I've been dealing with my whole life, yet in this entire post, I couldn't even use the word once. Diaper. Just typing that makes my heart race. As she put it, it's something very important to me and who I am, though I'm not sure I've ever allowed myself to think of it in that way. It's permeated my thoughts consistently, yet I've always considered it a small little side portion. Apparently, I still have some stuff to figure out.
    And that's where this sight comes in. Part of the reason why I've never posted on any forum like this is because I feel like I have nothing new to contribute, but I think this will be good for me, so thank you for giving me this medium for discussion.

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    Hi and welcome to adisc!
    While I can't exactly sympathies or relate with what you and your girlfriend are going through, I can certainly understand your troubling plight. like many other type of lifestyles infantilism or being associated with this type of fetish can affect you and others around you depending on the circumstances around you. wether they be good or bad. my best advice to you would be to simply talk to her and try to explain that meeting with her father and this fetish will have little to no affect on the subject. though it might be a long and rigorous road ahead of you I hope you are able to overcome them.

    best of luck, tai

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    I can't speak to your particular circumstance but I know in my case and I would suspect from the tone of posts I have read over the years that most ABDLs aren't going to have some kind of frenzied diaper episode just because someone else wears them. My attraction to diapers is primarily sexual but that doesn't mean that every instance of a diaper is fodder for that. It's a matter of time and place. I also wouldn't expect that her dad would be showing them off to you in any event.

    Diapers aside, the long-term prospects for your relationship aren't all that great with age and distance factored in but I guess there's no time like the present to deal with this responsibly since you've already told her about them. I would suggest that you need to be clear with her that this is something in you that isn't going away but (presuming this is true) that you can manage it just fine on your own and she doesn't have to be involved with them. She needs to let go of any ideas about getting you to stop or making you feel like it's sick or wrong and if she can't do that, I don't see any future for you as a couple.

    Lastly, I think more time spent (even online) in the company of other ABDLs should help you get some reasonable comfort in talking about diapers and your feelings toward them. This is certainly a strange desire but strange desires are not that uncommon and it's nothing that's going to hurt anyone. Getting yourself comfortable is sort of job one to being able to reasonably explain it to anyone else. Keep at it.

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    Thank you both for the support. I guess in describing my predicament, I didn't really say much about myself. So here that goes.
    I've lived in Georgia, Florida, and Texas and currently go to college in Washington DC. I have two older sisters and two wonderful parents (which I find to be a rare trait these days). I love to read, watch and write plays, and I find poetry to be the most under-appreciated art form today. I also am a liquor connoisseur and there are few things I enjoy discussing more than good alcohol. My favorite city is Boston. My favorite book is The Book Thief. And I love to perform. I'm a double major in Interpersonal Communication and Creative Writing and I am in my second year of college with Junior status. I think that about sums it up. Oh, and I love baseball, mostly because I love the statistics behind it.

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