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Thread: Dealing with post-pubic hair shaving irritation

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    Angry Dealing with post-pubic hair shaving irritation

    Recently I acquired a double-edged razor and I thought I would try to shave my pubic region with it, as it had certainly become over-grown. I have never done this before, up until now I had been trimming it with a single pair of scissors. While it was an almost perfect, close shave with no nicking, I left tiny little hairs that are incredibly irritating. While it is fair to say I'll never shave there again, I need to know how to deal with the irritation in the mean time, and how long it will take before they are at a comfortable, ideal length (1-2 cm).

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    I know what you mean. I had shaved mine before and had a HUGE irritation reaction. I used steroid cream. My fiancee said to use Bikini Zone and you can buy that from walmart should help with irritation. My finance actually used a wax to remove my hair. It hurt a little but stayed hairless for a long time.

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    You can use baby powder. That helps me.
    Lotion may help some too.

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    You have to keep shaving there every few days and after a few months it will not itch or hurt. I have shave my diaper area for 10 years now and I don't get any ingrown hairs or itchiyness.

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    I agree with pamperchu,I've just been shaving mine for a few years now, after about a month of shaving I never had any irritation. The first time though, the itching was crazy. But, the level of irritation drastically drops off with every time you shave down there. I shave down there these days without even thinking twice, and I find it to be more hygenic than a jungle lol :p


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    I use an electric body hair razor and lots of baby powder, then follow up with my regular razor above my genitals to make it as smooth as possible. The hair grows back evenly so if I don't shave for extended periods, it's not itchy or obtrusive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainpollution View Post
    ideal length (1-2 cm).
    I've shaved down there before, but anymore I just trim. Instead of an actual shaving razor, I've used a foil razor. This will trim you to the length you are looking for captianpollution.

    The thing I like about foil razors in that the blade never contacts your skin. The blade is actually behind a screen. The screen glides over the surface of your skin and the little hairs get trimmed down very close to the surface, yet without getting cut down to or below the skin surface. This is about as close as you can get with shaving without an actual razor touching your skin. Foil razors can be bought many different places and often for a cheap as $12.

    Here is what a foil razor looks like
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is what the foil screen looks like up closer
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Besides a foil razor, there's also your pricier four and five blade razors. I have a Fusion Proglide, and, my god, shaving with that is amazing. The main issue with a Proglide is that the replacement blades are expensive, I'm talking $18 for a 4-pack at Target, although it's a bit cheaper at Walmart. I can dry-shave with a Proglide without any issues.

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    Actually, Cherub, right now it's mostly stubble, I'm basically looking for a way to reduce the irritation as it grows back. Those little hairs are like bits of wire

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    well, just giving out some options and ideas

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