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    Default ...All this time

    All this time and I don't have a intro... I had one on TBDL but I guess that dosent matter now....

    So my name is "Ryan"

    And the info you see to the left is true. I am looking for other friends to meet up with...

    In the past I have met, Babygrizzy, And Hyro the artist.

    And I'm always looking to meet more. so drop me a line.

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    I see this place needs special moderation. (creepy old guys aren't welcomed?)

    It's cool.

    DL btw.

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    Already know ya...
    *re re re re re re greets*

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    Hiyas and welcome to the forums ^.^

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    It took ya this long to make an intro for yourself? ah well, belated welcome to ADISC!

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    A formal welcome to you, Ryan. Hey, better late than never!

    Oh, and to the second poster "whoever". Older DLs are certainly welcome on ADISC, it's the creepy part that isn't. Why not post a separate intro about yourself?


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