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    In France at the moment, on holiday with my family. I was annoyed to find that of the two supermarkets I've been in, both have had tena slips and other adult diapers in them.

    I'm slightly peeved they're so easy to come by here. I've never seen any type of adult diaper In British supermarkets. I've yet to get my hands on adult diapers, so it's a bit infuriating.

    That Is all,

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    Blame the fact that most people who need them get them through the NHS! That and the online availability compared to the embarrassment factor of buying over the counter means there's little demand for adult nappies in major stores in the UK.

    However, I believe some large Asdas now stock Tena Slips, otherwise there's disability/mobility shops and some large chemists that have adult nappies on the shelves. It's just a case of looking around, helps if you have a car though. The easiest nappies to get are the Boots Staydry range which are now Attends based so much more usable than they once were.

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    Belgium is the same as France. Same range of products also in the supermarkets. Tena is joined with supermarket brand, like Carrefour's Absodys, one of my favourites. Nice white crinckly plastic. I'm even wearing one at this moment.

    The home aid stores offer you up to 4 different brands of diapers, with the complete range available.

    Enjoy France.

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