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Thread: At the end of the Tunnel, only darkness.

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    Default At the end of the Tunnel, only darkness.

    I dont expect anyone to respond to this, feel free to respond if you want, I just feel like ranting in a non harmful way because what Im about to say saddens me.

    I like to consider myself a pretty decent person... My friends tell me that I am the most unselfish person in the world or one of the most unselfish people they've ever met. Im told im a nice guy and that I treat everyone the way I would wanna be treated... even though I think I'm an asshole, everyone in my life seems to believe otherwise.

    Why do I say this? Because even though I dont believe it myself, other people do so it must be at least true in some way. The question I ask myself is if IM like this, then why is the majority of the world full of such DERANGED individuals... Sure people use their traumatizing child hoods as an excuse for being assholes, but you think MY childhood was covered in roses and sprayed with cotton candy cologne?? NO
    I was severely bullied from kindergarten up until my junior year in high school, I went to multiple therapists, took VARIOUS anti-depressants, got diagnosed with things I NEVER had, attempted suicide COUNTLESS amounts of times and grew a very STRONG passionate hatred for people... I STILL hate people yet I treat them with respect and kindness because if there is by chance someone else in the world who hates people as much as I do, i would want them to give me a chance too. Despite all that, you dont see ME being a person filled with dick attitude and a holier-than-now personality!

    Another thing that bothers me is that KIDS these days (and i know it sounds naive because im only 22) but younger kids these days are SO INTOLERANT, even people on HERE (not gonna mention names) get angry over things they dont understand which BAFFLES me because this is a community full of people who should NOT have a word in being angry over things they dont understand when it comes to people... I dont remember being like that as a child... I dont remember EVER being like that, i mean sure maybe ive gotten frustrated at things i didnt understand but only AFTER attempted to understand them and failed, but the frustration only came from losing patience in myself NOT the thing I didnt understand... if I was capable of this in my middle school year then why are other young kids capable of this too????

    Im sorry if this is a waste of a post, but the internet is infinite. I just felt the need to blow off some steam and facebook or twitter just dont give you enough space to write all this.

    Sorry if I offended anyone, I dont see how I possibly could.
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    No you did not.My school years were hell.I,m nice too but put a shell so no one will hurt me.So not liking others may be your shell.I look at others as not there yet some day we will learn to care for every one as they are a part of all in love and kindness.I do not hate them In that I see them as infants and have a lot to learn life times many life times.
    You can not hate a baby they do not know any better and yes there are bullies here but they feel better about them selves when they try to show much better they are over others less skilled.You know who they are.Not so much a rant as seeing what,s real my hats off to not change your ok and it,s good to looked on as nice even if you do not feel you are .Those of us that had it hard feel that we are less then what we are that what we were told as we were teased all in school so a part of us feel that way.We would never want to hurt some one for we have been hurt and know how it feels like.hugs fox

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    I can relate.
    However the suffering we endured as victims of being bullied, give us a certain grace that most people wouldn't understand had it not happened to them.
    I was bullied simply because I was very thin, and how totally unfair when I couldn't help it.
    Today I have seen my taunters and karma has been very fair I believe.
    I am very protective over the victims of bullies and how ironic that the perpetrators have the lowest self esteem and are most likely neglected and abused narcissist's who often end up alone or eternally miserable.
    Very often the victims commit suicide or are permanently damaged emotionally.
    I only realised the extent of the damage inflicted upon me much later am much better person for it,despite not wishing it on anybody.

    Those who bully others are pathetically shallow,ugly,spiteful and horrible people for allowing themselves to externalize their anger whereas the victims internalize.

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    It only takes a small number of people who can't behave in a civil manner to make society worse for the rest of us. Also, otherwise sensible people can hold silly, irrational beliefs.

    The way to make society better is to be able to evaluate situations objectively. Be strong enough to accept that you could be wrong, but at the same time don't yield to social pressures to think or act in a certain way. Easier said than done, I know.

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    It seems as though now a days the only way people can assert themselves and show a little "back bone" is by being complete dick heads... While all the rest just scatter in the wind for emotional, religious or politically correct reasons.. i just feel like people are either TOO SCARED or TOO FULL OF SHIT to be helpful in any way.... Its not hard to be a good person... but all these GODAMN people INSIST on making life more difficult than it already is... or better said, more difficult than it ISNT..

    People tell you "life is hard" no it fucking isnt, it can be hard if you MAKE it that way. It would make more sense if the phrase was corrected to say "Life is a pain in the ass" because THAT is true, it can be easy or it can be hard, but rest assured it will be a pain in the ass, to deal with PEOPLE, to deal with MONEY, it most definately IS a pain in the ass, but I'd rather live an easy pain in the ass life than a hard one.. which is what I am TRYING to do, but being surrounded by jerks is making me lose my patience.... I really need to gtfo of here.

    BTW sorry for all the cursing, I'm just really aggrivated I expect we can all be adults about it sense they are in fact just words and are not being aimed at anyone in particular.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And by gtfo out of here I dont mean ADISC, i mean my current city -__-

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