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Thread: Family keeping you from getting baby stuff?

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    Default Family keeping you from getting baby stuff?

    not meaning to be a pain in the ass by posting another rant, but i'm borderline devastated at the moment after having to pass up the opportunity to buy a changing table that i would have fitted on perfectly for a mere $10. I was at a garage sale with my dad and as soon as i spotted it i knew i wanted it...the bit that really stings is that i cant even go back to get it tomorrow or anything because its hours away from my house and i dont have a friggin car at the moment T.T *bursts into tears*
    Anyone else ever had their family force them into walking away from awesome stuff?
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    Don't worry! If you want it badly enough it'll come to you eventually (not literally obviously lol) Ive wanted a crib for SO long but my wife made it clear that she was weirded out by it and never wanted me to have one, but I never gave up on the idea, it wasnt until this year actually that my wife decided she was ok with the idea of me having a crib and a baby room , now I just gotta move out and find the money >_< lol

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    AWWW! I gotta say, you just made me jealous beyond words :3 i used to be able to play with the old baby furniture we had in the attic from when my brothers and i were little but alas...mum decided to do a massive clean up/giveaway spree -_-

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    I've had things like this happen before, where my family was with me.

    But, I just put it off... I'm sure I'll run into some items similar (maybe even identical) again!

    I'm sure you will to :3

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    Lol, dont be so sure...i wouldn't want to have to hold you to it haha :3
    to be honest i'm not too fussed about the liklihood of me coming across stuff like this again in the future, its just that this one was so perfect and i was in such a babyish mood as soon as i saw it *blushes*

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