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    Default Cheap adult nappies

    does anyone know what the cheapest nappies with prints are? (UK Delivery)

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    The cheapest nappies I've come across are the Tender range. They are 42.50 (including delivery) for 90 (so about 47p each) for the most absorbent level:

    90 Tender Medium Adult Nappies Incontinence Diapers, Pads: Kitchen & Home

    You can even get a few samples here:

    Incontinence Products UK - Online Shop - Sample Request

    They don't have prints (they're plain white, with a very faint blue product code that disappears when wet), but maybe you could add your own tapes or something...?

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    thanks they look good, I could do that but i wouldn't know how :S

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    I know a place where you can get 16/packs of First Quality diapers for $4 dollars each, PM me for details.

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