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Thread: Hints that diapers are sexual for you?

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    Default Hints that diapers are sexual for you?

    I have been wondering for a while now about how long diapers had been sexual for me. I didn't even realize they were for me until I was 21 when I was told it by my ex.

    I have thought of things about myself that I noticed:

    In high school I no longer felt comfortable looking at kids in diapers and wanting to see them get their diapers changed, it felt too creepy and perverted so I lost interest in them. Back then I just figured it was because I looked like an adult now and was nearing adulthood so of course it be creepy now to watch them get changed or to stare at their butts or bottoms. As a kid it was more acceptable but I was a teen now that looked like an adult.

    I didn't want my parents changing me or babying me and I felt this way in high school. It just felt too creepy even though part of me wanted it. Plus I had brothers and it just feel too creepy if they saw their sister get babied by their parents.

    Whenever I look up diapers online when I was about 18 or 19, I get this ticklish excited feeling inside me. Especially when I imagine myself peeing in them.

    Are these hints here that diapers became sexual even when I was in high school? What about the baby stuff too? What about me not wanting to be a baby in front of my kids nor go out in public like that? Is that a hint that it's also sexual for me?

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    I would say so, usually something that you feel creeped out by sharing it with family or with people you dont know, means that its sexual, because if it wasnt sexual you would most likely have no problem... now im saying MOST LIKELY (lol) because I wouldnt wanna involve my parents in my ABDL lifestyle because it would feel weird. Maybe it could be because its 10% sexual for me, but then I come to think about the fact that I told my cousin about it and she is the only family memeber that knows about it, and its not like we are distant cousins, we've been close for a long time, so I guess i have a different reasoning behind not telling my parents or even my brother who is a gay, *gender neutral person (not saying its wrong, but he's definately stranger than me if he honestly thinks being *gender neutral is possible and that he IS a *gender neutral person)

    But then I also have this friend who I love as a sister, and I know this because the idea of having sex with her or kissing her kinda grosses me out, despite the fact that she is very VERY pretty, and she knows all about my ABDL life and she even joins in with me at times, she puts on a diaper and a onesie that I bought for her and we play together and I wouldnt mind if she changed me at all. I'm sure if I had an older or same aged sister maybe it would be the same but i dont know because i have 2 brothers and no sisters.

    As for the part about feeling a ticklish excited feeling, i think you'll have to elaborate a bit more on that :P that could be many things lol I get a ticklish excited feeling whenever I find out im going on a vacation lol :P

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    It's just ideas and little fantasies that pop in your head from time to time, those types of thoughts and ideas will most likely die off and in your later years you'll look back at what you were thinking and just shrug it off as if it were nothing at all.

    I've had weird fantasies about being kept in places where I was babied by said people, but knowing something like that would never happen I just shrugged off the idea and it died down.

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    It could also be that you have a humiliation fetish. I find nothing sexual about wearing diapers, however when I feel embarrassed or ashamed of it it usually sparks something. That could just be me, though.

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