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Thread: the benifits of girls wearing diaper to bed

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    Default the benifits of girls wearing diaper to bed

    Since I've been wearing diapers I have always enjoyed sleeping with one on. Not so much of wetting. Mainly for comfort, but last night mother nature decided to make her call early, and wow.... I am so glad I was wearing a diaper because my bed would have been a horrible mess. Have any of you girls had this experience?

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    Yup! I started wetting the bed mid semester in college and even though it does not happen so much now that i'm home for the summer, im to scared to try going a night without one. Better safe than sorry right?

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    are you referring to your "monthly friend"?

    i know there are a couple threads asking if people wear diapers during that "time", think its about 50/50...

    do you normally wear them then?

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