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Thread: "The Talk" (or The "Talk')

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    Default "The Talk" (or The "Talk')

    "The Talk" or even The "Talk" is the talk where parents tell their kids about sex and stuff. I guess.

    Except here's the thing ADISC! My parents never sat me down and "The Talk"'d me. Found out what sex was in grade two when my friends neighbour (another kid) came over and told us. Ewww gross I says.

    Years later, not that I've never talked about sex stuff with my parents (though not super intentionally or any detailed junk, except one time my slightly inebriated mother told my brothers and I the nights we had been conceived on whislt waiting for our food to arrive at Montana's). I think my dad and my older brother had a "The Talk" and my dad even talked about having a "The Talk" with me, but it never happened. It had occurred to me before that this was probably strange. Don't most parents "The Talk" their kids? I was wondering htis recently, and thinking how horribley unequipped I might be to "The Talk" to my kids if I ever have any.

    ADISC, unleash your thoughts, opinions and sympathies.

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    These days, most kids (including me) are learning about sex and the like waaaay before Talks from parents and maturity and/or health classes in school. Has a lot to do with the current state of social media. (See also: Jersey Shore)

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    Folks let me go through it at my Catholic private school first and filled in any gaps early on. Back when the Catholics where more progressive (I suppose, or it just was my private school) I received every bit of info in detail. There was no STD horror show or the "use contraception go to hell" ploy. I was in 4th grade I believe...or maybe it was 3rd...god it was so long ago. Anyway I was even told about contraception. Just what they were, no should use em' or not use em' arguments. No abstinence-only measures either if I recall correctly (or it was my parents rectifying some things.)

    I had also one friend who was that kind of friend and told me everything early on, and had me swearing like a sailor by third grade too. This was before everyone had internet and social media.

    Eh every parent has their own way. Most public systems sex-ed is alright (though you can evaluate it for yourself as you should) and make sure to rectify the whole picture should it be missing either due to the Government or religion screwing that up.

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    I'm 53, my folks are 84 and I still havent had "the talk". Some people are just uptight about sex and freeze up. Once at age six Dad saw me kiss my "crush" on her lips and gave me a speach about how a handshake is the ONLY acceptable form of contact between humans. Later my mom told me I needed to play with other boys, not girls. It's a wonder I got conceved at all!

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    Well I play this game called Kingdom of Loathing. And there's this place called the Orc Chasm. And my friends were laughing about it and I didn't get it and they didn't want to tell me. And I go home and say "Mom what's an Orc Chasm?" and she kind of seizes up and says "go look it up in the dictionary". And I can't find an Orc Chasm but I do find out eventually what it's supposed to be. And that was that!

    I doubt they ever wanted me to ask and they never wanted to tell but I figured it out OK.

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    My "talk" constituted of my mom saying that I probably knew more about sex-ed stuff than she did and that if I had a question I could ask her or my dad. Not much to it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDrummerBoy View Post
    These days, most kids (including me) are learning about sex and the like waaaay before Talks from parents and maturity and/or health classes in school. Has a lot to do with the current state of social media. (See also: Jersey Shore)
    i think what your learning more about is sex-change, little-one...... not sex-ed..... lol

    the first time i got sex-ed was when my 16 y/o girl friend took my hand and stuck it up her shirt... OMG! (i was a tender 14....)
    but the best sex-ed i ever got was in the navy....... they know every thing.....

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    Sometime, very early in my grade school career, I asked my parents the canonical "Where do babies come from?" question, and was told that babies were the product of a man and a woman "making love." I had no idea what that meant, but I accepted it and moved on. I definitely never had "the talk" with my parents. I'm pretty sure they were terrified of it!

    In my elementary school, sex education started in fifth grade, and that was the first time anybody had actually told me how the various "parts" fit together. Although I don't remember being surprised, I do definitely remember thinking, "Why would anybody do THAT!"

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    I was never given the "birds and the bees" talk but I was given the "use a condom or your life is screwed" talk lol it was amusing actually. Aside from that I learned everything I need to know about reproductive organs and STDs and how it all works in school, started in 6th grade and continued on into 10th :P thats 5 years of having sex drilled into your skull, and quite honestly im glad its like that, i would rather have unbiased proffesionals teach me about sex than Religious enthusiasts or government officials :P Also because aside from my 2 best friends, the rest of my friends have already dealt with "accidental pregnancy" and "secret abortions".

    The rest I can learn through reading, pictures, porn, kama sutra?

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    My mom was a puritanical prude so I got very little. Of course I picked up everything on the street. I grew up in several rough neighborhoods where older boys would make you "do stuff". What a hell of a way to learn and of course there was the bullying. If you didn't know "stuff", you were made fun of. Since I was an only child, I was usually the last to find out which was not an enviable position.

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