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Thread: Ordering Online With a Linked Debit Card?

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    Default Ordering Online With a Linked Debit Card?

    Alright, I'm no greenhorn to ordering online, but previously I just used friends' cards or my mother's card (rarely ever pays attention to her statements. tbhg, llc. wouldn't even cause her a second glance.) to order diapers online. Now, I just got a debit card about a week ago. I really want to order diapers with it now, but the problem is, my dad can read my statements and he IS google savvy. If he sees 'tbhg, llc.' come up on the statement and has ANY suspicion of what I may be buying... I mean, hell. You google tbhg, llc and a bunch of Bambino links come up. What I'm thinking of doing instead is transferring the money to PayPal first and buying them, but doesn't PayPal have weird fees and stuff?
    I just wanna figure out the best way to do this under my dad's radar. You'd think getting a debit card would make it easier to get these things..

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    I think the bet thing to do here is too start collecting the amount you have to spend on the diapers plus shipping and then with that cash go and buy a prepaid visa card. That way you have the exact amount that you need on that card so you can make your purchase. That way everything is untraceable.

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    paypal should only charge you fees if you are sending money to someone else. Not purchasing online with a linked debit card from a online retailer. A prepaid card could work too but then you have the monthly fees associated with it and also the fees for loading cash onto the card.

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    nowadays they have visa cards that you can buy at convenience stores which you can add money to whenever you please. I think they require cash though, but you should still be able to withdraw from an ATM and do that without any issues

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    I hardly rarely post but I feel like I should. Don't use Paypal, it's basically like the same exact thing you would be using if you were using your'e direct debit card. I made that mistake thinking this eBay "company" would be discreet enough to not say "diapers" and "medical supply". Sure enough, my parents confronted me, but I luckily tricked them into the username stuff. Saying the "diapers" and "medical supply" were the username of the eBay seller and that's what they primarily sold, but I told them that eBay seller was selling a "cheap game" and they bought it.

    Like others said before me, the best "discreet" was is to get the pre paid visa card. To be even more discreet, buy the card via cash at a store and then discard it, like it was never bought/used. After that, make sure you make a plan for the worse, and know your parent's schedule. When they are home open a window (if you are lucky to have one near the window) and you can usually hear the mail truck and check every 15 minutes. Or to be even safer do some yard work, or just bring a laptop into a room where you can directly see the mail come.

    And Like I said about the planning for the worst, think of what you will say if your parents ask you what it is (BEFORE hand, even though they probably won't see it). I'm pretty good with computers and always buying parts, so only one time my parent has asked and I just told them it was a computer part, and that was that. Make sure that you have a plan if they make you open it (e.g. Company sent you wrong thing/Never bought it, and you have to evidence of you buying it). Just make sure you never get to that point though.

    Oh and another thing. A lot of people don't mention this but if your outside, and you get the package and your parent's are unavoidable from your front door to your room, you can hide it for a few hours outside, it should be pretty easy to hide in a thick bush or under deck, any place that is not visible will most likely work. Even a Garage might work!

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