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    My best friend is coming at the weekend and even though I wear 24/7 because my husband insists that I do I want not to wear because I want to wear a dress. He says that I should just get used to the fact that I have to but should I go against his wishes and take it off when he is out of sight or do you think I would be over stepping the mark if I did? I only ask because I need somebody else's opinion and you guys are the best people to ask

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    OK I know that it is all fun and games to have someone put you in diapers by force but if you want to wear a dress and no diaper then do it, diapers are not always appropriate to wear and as an adult with no continence issues then you get to have the joy of taking them off whenever you desire. No it isn't over stepping the mark, if you don't want to wear then he cannot force you to.

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    Thank you for your reply. I guess it's probably a confidence issue as well because I don't like to be disobedient. It was me that wanted this so in a way I feel that I don't have the right to choose...pathetic, I know

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    ...I think you should definitely refuse to wear...don't tell your husband...he may be confused and think you like being forced...simply don't wear and see what the consequences are...if he gets mad...let him get over it or leave him if he forces you to self-humiliate and you can't stand it...

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    If you are worried about how your husband will react, or if he forces you to do anything against your will, you are in the wrong relationship. Force is never what any form of bdsm relationship is about.

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    It is entirely up to you what to decide to wear, after all it is your own responsibility and choice. Have good and bad points reasoning what's good about wearing a dress and not wearing a nappy at the same time, then make your own rules and opinions based on what your heart says to you.

    If you want to make your husband understanding about that, just discuss with him with questions such as, that your comfortable with it and you are not doing any harm as you're being yourself and entitled to wear and not to wear one whenever you feel like it.

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