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    First off i'm sorry i haven't been posting at all recently life is soo hectic atm, hopefully it'll calm down soon.

    Anyways I was wondering if anyone could help me. I wear drynites to bed every night yet when i wake up the sides have split. I purchased a pack that did this a while back but the one after it did not so i thought it was just a dodgy pack. However i recently got some more and they too did the same so i took them back thinking they were just part of the same batch (2012-03-18 was the date on the pack) yet when i got some more they too do the same (dated 2012-06-06) I got both packs from the same shop (not sure thats relavent)

    I weigh ten and a half stone and I have a 30 inch waist, does anyone have any advice about how i could fix this??


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    There is nothing you can do to change this you need to change your nappy type to either adult nappy style or incontinence pull ups... I hated changing from the baby/teen world into the plain and clinical adult nappy ones but they give you more peeing space and also they are much more comfortable.

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    Tabs, man. Tabs. Those damn drynites always tear....
    Go buy some adult diapers with tabs.

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    what i dont understand is why its only some packs that do it though?? i could understand if it was consistent but its not

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    Why not secure the sides with duck tape? That's some pretty strong reinforcement. I'm not sure about the UK, but that stuff is available in quite an assortment of colors here.

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    if you're a side-sleeper, are you curling up? (bringing your knees up closer to you head) That makes your pelvis wider and stresses the diaper. Maybe just changing how you sleep could help. I occasionally split my diapers vertically in the rear if I tape the lower tapes tight and then try to side sleep n curl.

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