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    Default Diapers in Calgary

    Hey guys! I'm in Calgary, Alberta for a couple days, and all I have are tena super diapers... wondering if anyone knows where a guy can get some decent diapers in town?

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    The best would be Co-op Medical at 9309 Macleod Trail SW. Hey have Abenas and other premium diapers

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    Awesome! Went down there and picked up my first pack of Abena M4's! $20 for 14, and they are a really nice diaper for the price! Thanks so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oblivionxi1 View Post
    I can't wait to get my license...
    It's pretty close to the train if you don't want to wait.

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    Calgary FTW! are you here for stampede?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryger View Post
    The best would be Co-op Medical at 9309 Macleod Trail SW. Hey have Abenas and other premium diapers
    I wish I knew that in 2006 because I used to live in an apartment right across from that Co-Op store. =P

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    Here for some courses for work. I am actually here fairly often lately.

    Quick review for Abena M4's, being as this is my first pack... WOW! These hold as much, if not more, than Bambino's! 2 floods, no leaks! I like! For the price, I'm gonna buy more of these for an everyday diaper. I still like Bambino's for the fit, and babyish designs, but these are pretty awesome! Just thought I'd share!
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    Whoa so do you just walk in there and buy them (are they on the shelf) or do you have to ask... I'm, kind of nervous to buy them alone if I have to ask :/

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    There were so many other people there, I don't think anyone even noticed me walk in... So, ya, had a quick look around when I first went in and located the shelf the diapers were on, walked over there, picked them up, paid for them, and walked out. Piece of cake, no one looked oddly at me at all, and the lady at the checkout was very friendly. It's really not that big of a deal, and really, you're in a medical supply store, buying incontinence supplies. NO ONE who is in there really cares WHY you are buying them, they either see that kind of thing everyday, or they are in there for their own problems, they certainly aren't concerned about what anyone else is doing! Once you've bought from a store a couple times, it's no different then walking into a 7-11 and buying a slurpie!

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